Interview with Nelton D'Souza

Why do you love to write?
Writing gives me the magical ability of cooking up great stories. Mixing fact and fiction in right measure, lets me put a point across without being least didactic. It helps me give a sense of hope and pleasure to the reader.
How do you get new ideas?
I have this very bad habit of observing people. While on the bus or walking, I can't help myself from catching these small things that people do, which I'm sure they do unconsciously. While observing it's important to be oblivious to the world. It's only then you catch people unawares. After all, we are very different people when being watched and when not.
How can people learn to be more creative?
Being creative is all about taking the same thing what people see or do and going a step ahead. Birthday cakes with candles are good, but those that come with sparkles are even better. It's all about seeing things in a whole new light and not stopping yourself no matter how crazy the world may feel you are. The easiest way one can learn to be creative is being around creative people and learning from them.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book is a collection of short stories on relationships, love and life, titled State of the Heart. I wanted this book to be light as well as dealing with the kind of emotions and relationships we don't come across often. Hence each of the 17 stories introduces characters and situations that may be strange to some but very relatable. While most of stories have happy endings (who doesn't like them) but a few don't (that’s life).

The stories are arranged as if one is on a ride. The lighter, smaller ones come first, but as you go on they get longer and more intense where only the reader's imagination sets the boundaries.

The book has been well received and became the best seller on Amazon.
Why did you need to write it?
I didn't need to force myself into writing, its came to me naturally. Writing gives me a vent to my feelings and thoughts. From a young age I had a blog where I used to post my views on topics of interest. I began experimenting with short stories and took a liking for it. Taking a cue from Shakespeare, I started mixing fact and fiction and putting myself as a character in the story leaving the reader completely unaware that he/she had read about me. I found this ability of sharing my closest secrets and life’s details anonymously very exciting.
What are the main challenges you face as a writer?
Challenges lie in every profession and writing is no exception. Things like no free time, no energy or just not being in the right state will try their best to deter you. Writing is like a marathon, not a sprint. It requires great discipline and focus. Every day you got to write, read and relax. It helps if you have a plan ready and are clear of your story.
Published 2014-05-11.
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State of the Heart
Price: $2.99 USD. Words: 27,940. Language: English. Published: April 24, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Anthologies » Short stories - single author
#1 Best Seller in Short Stories on Amazon (February 2014). Some of the stories will drive you to tears! The writing does justice to the little things in life that add to its beauty and mystery – Goodreads, Average Rating: 4. Many of the stories are heart touching which the state of every heart can relate to. An enjoyable read – Flipkart, Average Rating: 5.