Interview with Angela Turing

Your comics are great, how can I provide additional support?
I release comics and content regularly on:

If you pledge 1.99 per release on my patreon account, you can support the creation of the supplemental comics that I create for each episode, and I will throw in my latest ebook as well. There are also lots of other opportunities for voting, behind the scenes work, additional erotic art projects, etc. You can start supporting my work now, and cancel at any time. You can also limit the amount of releases you are willing to sponsor each month.

I'm looking forward to providing beautiful stories and paintings for you all.

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I noticed you do your own covers?
Art is a huge passion of mine, as well as sexuality. I wanted to find a way to combine them, and so you have my projects.
Why do you want to write Erotica?
I want to provide quality intimate fantasies for people to enjoy themselves. I also want to create beautiful art in the form of covers and comics to accompany each story.
Do you prefer to work in series or individual books?
My next series is called "Feral Pussycat, Pounce!", and will be a long form, weekly release serial. I want to get into depth with characters while still providing an erotic experience. I'm excited about the project.
Feral Pussycat, Pounce! -- Does that mean you're going to have furries?
Yep. Cat-women, Dragon-women, Faeries, Elves, Humans -- the whole bit. Should be great to draw and write about.
Do you take commissions?
I've done commissions in terms of stories, as well as artwork. Generally speaking, I am pretty busy, as I work as both a freelance artist / writer, on top of self-publishing, but if you'd like to talk about a project you'd like to have me work toward, then let me know, and we can work out the details.
You have a lot of psychedelic and religious references throughout your writing, do you have any comment on this theme?
Mythology is powerful, and I want to include mythological references whenever appropriate.
Are you in a relationship?
I am. Erotica is a means for me to explore my sexuality. Thus far it has only added to my relationship. I find honesty is a crucial element. I want to retain integrity, while still producing something sexy and meaningful.
Published 2015-07-19.
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