Interview with Mildred R Holmes

Published 2019-03-22.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Writing. I must admit this isn't the first thought in my mind though. After all, I am grateful that I am awake to greet the day. I listen for my sons movements as they get ready to go to sleep. Ahh, we are a topsy-turvy sort of household. Comes from years of working unconventional hours. Then my latest project percolates into my mind's eye and I leap out of bed. I have spent the better part of the day doing various things on my computer. So, yeah, the end goal of a publishable book is in sight.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
being a noob. I knew from past experience in sales how important it is for a quality product. Course all this was at a time when opportunities to self-publish was better than before. Wanted to have at least one book out there where I might have a better chance of getting a traditional publishing contract. Ahh, times and goals change. Still gonna be an indie author though.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Still have it. It's the basis for the whole world I've created. I plan on finishing it, soon. It's part of a whole series of trilogies. I'd written essays and poems when I was younger. Don't have those any more. They exist only in my memory.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
On forums, or blog posts. Occasionally, a couple authors I follow make a recommendation. My son bought a Kindle for my mother before she journeyed on and I thought I'd be able to use it. Nah. My oldest has claimed it and now I only have the free reader from Amazon to use. Since space on my computer is earmarked for my many manuscripts, I don't get as many. Print books now, is a different story. I wander through book stores and buy whatever interests me.

Perhaps, if I ever get my books up, I can buy me a Kindle or something. On the whole, it's probably best right now I don't have access to many ebooks. I'd not get any writing done.
What are you working on next?
I have a couple flash fiction books set in Niiganabiik's World, the world I created for my fantasy stories. For those who don't like to read blog posts, I compiled some of my more popular posts into one book titled "Niiganab." These are up on the LeanPub site.

"Niiganab" is being revised. The Flash Fic is being written with updates posted. Plans are underfoot for the revision of the rest of my books, including "Storm Clouds."
How do you approach cover design?
I've collected a large amount of background photos I enhance til I get the effect I want. The cover is influenced by the story I'm writing. Once I get that designed, it then influences the revision process. For me, cover design and writing go hand in hand. Over the years, I've used pictures to guide me in some of my writing. Once the story is told, the cover will influence my readers and I want the cover to reflect the story.

I use to do the actual design. I hope the artwork draws one into Niiganabiik's World where the characters tell their stories.
What's the story behind your latest book?
Niiganabiik's World Flash Fiction Book I is the current one. I took Holly Lisle's free course on writing flash fiction, oh a few years ago. Since I am getting back into my writing, I wanted a project to ease myself back into steady writing. I've been away from online projects since July 2015 due to family events which was directing my writing into the darker emotions or depressing ones.

When the book is finished, there will be 30 stories about different character types to be found in Niiganabiik's World. And dipping my toes back into the water has reinvigorated my passion for my writing. Hop on over to my author blog where you can find more information.
What is your writing process?
My writing process? I cover this fairly regularly on my blog. Perhaps I repeat myself a bit. I wander from point to point. Ahhh! I get it now. My process is rather involved. I start with as much of a draft of a story as I can write until I run out of ideas. Sometimes, it's just one word that catches my eye. Other times, I write something from an image, in my head or whatever I see outside my window or just sitting somewhere.

Then I let them sit around on my computer for a time, percolating. Or slow cooking. Yay, I can say I slow cook now. Some of those ideas have as much as 30-50,000 words. Most are far less-1 to perhaps, 500 or so words. Once this happens, I start on one and work with it to make it a better and better draft. I don't really write in a straight line. Perhaps that's why I've taken so long to get Storm Clouds done.

I've done a few of the online writer tips that helped me with my drafts. Then I attended a Writer's Conference where I got a couple really good tips to enhance my writing. And that's where I'm at in the process right now. Glossary. I'd wondered bout that and it helped. And there's one or two characters that had to be reworked into all my novels so there'd be cohesion.

This may not work for everyone. Fact, I don't think it really does for the impatient ones. However, due to my sales experience, I decided I needed a number of quality products as sales don't happen by themselves. One has to get out there and do something. Can't be a wall flower, though one doesn't have to be obnoxious bout it either.

Most of these ideas blossomed into a rough draft during NaNoWriMo, I mean, November. 50,000 words is very helpful.
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