Interview with Nsingo Sakala

What's the story behind your latest book The Dictionary of Investment Thoughts?
I have put forward, the most divine investment (& human) principles I believe man will ever know - ready to own all in one book - for the greatest minds of our species - for all of eternity.
Drawing primarily on natural and universal principles, D.O.T.s thwarts any other book dealing with the markets and certainly contains nothing that the average investor would expect of an investment text; yet it encapsulates everything a great investor would already be accustommed to. What is an average investor? - One that does not fully understand WHEN and WHY to undertake a prospective investment. What is a great investor? - One that knows the when and why of his investment decisions. And yes - "timing" is the main determinant & the fundamental principles for that will be found to be within the text. This is why it is the most powerful dictionary in the world. Please read the preface & postword if you would like to know more.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I actually wrote all my books for my family. After writing them I began to receive requests to make them available to others. This is what I did. Also I feel that all men, once "alive", have a duty & an obligation to help others.
Who buys The Dictionary of Thoughts?
There are people that need this book. They know who they are. DOTs is the oxygen of genuine investment knowledge It is neither a text for simply wanting or waning, nor is it one for reviews or criticism. .. There is no debating the investor's need for oxygen.
Who Needs D.O.Ts
In my opinion - everybody who is alive and everybody who is not. Price is a universal language; Spoken by the entire population of our universe. Whether you speak english (or not), you also speak price; Whether you speak arabic (or not), you speak price, Whether you speak chinese (or not) - you definately definately speak price!
Why do you provide only a limited number of copies for DOTs?
That is a good question. As you know I provide support to each and every person that registers their ownership of the title with us within 28 days of purchase(See T&Cs). The limited supply of the book is dictated by my ability to provide a quality support team to those registered book owners whom I serve. When that ability is saturated, I will withdraw all new purchases from the market.
What would you say to those who have not yet purchased their copy.
I deeply feel D.O.T.s to be the most powerful book on the subject of prices & I recommend any serious investor to own it. Download the Brochure if you desire to learn more. However, Only purchase it if you are ready to learn from within. It is the individual himself that knows best how ready he (she) is. For those that feel ready: I would say - Begin learning the divine language of price & Buy the Dictionary of Investment Thoughts Today.
Can You Describe in more detail your typical reader?
I can try to narrow that down for you into a "person" (which is perhaps what you seek.) It is for the person that has become knowing of the fact that he (she) needs a genuine timeless understanding of the price language so he (she) may regain the power to forge his (her) own destiny.
That person has suffered both acute financial loss and opulent financial wealth; and in his (her) dual experiences - has discovered his (her) own true needs from the "self." So you have to have begun the journey into self discovery before looking to understand the text. The people who have not yet had that "who am I" moment should probably pass this amazing opportunity to own one now and wait til; their time is ripe.
Why is The Dictionary of Investment Thoughts necessary to the world?
All great financiers and investors feed from the same knowledge pool for there is only one method that works wonders and is directly applicable to all of nature's processes. And all the thoughts associated with that method are fully wrapped up in that great book, which I have written - called the Dictionary of Investment Thoughts.
Published 2016-11-03.
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