Interview with Laurie Olerich

What made you choose to write in the paranormal genre?
I love creating the world and the lore that goes with it. My stories are meant to be an escape for readers. What better way to forget your problems than to lose yourself in a world that may or may not exist alongside our boring one? Each book builds on the lore and the backstory so it unfolds in real time as you read. I love giving my characters unique psychic abilities that give them an edge on the bad guys and in the bedroom too--telepathy, telekinesis, energy exchange, teleporting... Imagine the possibilities!

My paranormal world includes Primani (immortal soldiers), psychics, angels, and demons (both good and bad). Oh, and just because this is PNR, there’s no reason to leave out the occasional kinky character, is there? These guys have needs too! Now, isn’t that more fun than cowboys and bikers? Wink, wink!
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I’m originally from a little town near Pittsburgh, PA, but my family moved to Texas when I was a teenager. I graduated in Texas but always missed my Beaver County friends. Since I had zero money for college, I joined the Air Force. This turned out to be the best decision I’ve ever made. I was blessed to live in Plattsburgh, NY (setting of my Primani series), Germany, and San Antonio, TX, during my 20-year career. My Air Force family is irreplaceable and joined me in many of my wilder adventures that eventually ended up in my books. Living all over the world gave me a great opportunity to learn about other cultures and to incorporate those differences into my stories.
If you could tell your younger writing self anything, what would it be?
Understand the market and expect ups and downs. This isn’t an easy industry. Take each day as it comes and don’t get discouraged. It’s super easy to publish a book today. That means there are literally tens of thousands of new books added to Amazon--daily. There are no one-hit wonders anymore. You have to write because you love the CRAFT of writing and not to have fame and fortune. Writing beautiful scenes, memorable characters, breathtaking sex takes love to do right. Don’t expect to quit your day job. Success can take years. Write because it brings you joy.
Describe your writing style.
I describe my writing style as action oriented, fast paced, and conversational. My characters tell the story from the prologue to the epilogue. Sure, I have to guide them along and fill in the details, but the story comes from them. I love the twists and turns this brings to the plot. The romance is as important to me as the plot and action scenes so I let it flow as the characters want. I believe romance has to flow organically so I don’t try to rush it. Same thing for sex. Each couple has their own personalities so their romance and sex scenes will be as true to that as I can make it. For example, my crazier couples will have sex in public or indulge in hot, wild monkey sex. My more spiritual, sensual couples are more likely to make love in a steamy lagoon or an elegant hotel room.

In a nutshell, I write stories to sweep readers into my world. I prefer to sprinkle clues and Easter eggs across the book and weave the backstories along the way to create that delicious feeling of anticipation that my readers really want.
When did you first start writing?
I started writing my first series, "Primani," in 2012 to escape from the endless routine of my life. One day I realized I’d hit 40 and still hadn’t found myself! I’d started writing several times and always got sidetracked. This time, I sat down and mapped out the project and dove in head first. Where to set it? New York, of course! One of my absolutely favorite places, upstate New York became the setting. Male characters? Well, they had to be hot…badass fighters…supernatural powers to keep things interesting…bingo! Primani! Not quite angels, but created from the archangels to keep chaos in check and demons under control. Super soldiers in their own time, once they were made by the archangels they gained immortality and very unique powers.

There had to be a woman, so I could live out my own daydreams! Mica and Sean came to me immediately--they just wanted their story to see the light of day. What’s not to like about an impossible attraction? Young love and passion? Oh, and kick ass snow sports set in the high mountains of New York and Vermont? These two characters were almost too easy. But then Killian and Declan came along. These two Primani completed the circle of family that I wanted to create. Killian’s character started out in a support role, but very quickly took over as one of the strongest of the group. By the time I’d gotten to Call the Lightning, Killian was shoving his way into every scene and demanding to be center of attention. It’s funny how characters do that!

Stone Angels brings Mica’s story to an end. Her transformation from simple human to an immortal with a direct link to Armageddon is paced across all three books. She cannot get to the end without the help and love of Killian, Sean and Declan. The four are forever connected by blood and saol.

Because real life is about more than finding true love and having great sex, my characters face devastating losses, painful truths, and choices that tear them apart. Exploring what makes us human is what I enjoy about writing. I love to put my favorite characters into painful situations and then watch how they handle it. Sure, I’m mean to them, but they like it!
Are any of your characters’ adventures based on real life experiences?
Oh, absolutely they are! All of the snowboarding, hiking, and rafting adventures come from firsthand experiences—though I exaggerated the rafting trip through the tropical jungle in “Benn.” I’ve got a deep, dark obsessive love of creepy and abandoned places so the Roman catacomb scenes, crypts, and abandoned subway tunnels were natural settings for life and death events. I’ve explored all of these places and more. Did you notice that I didn’t mention any of the crazy places my characters have sex? I WISH I could say those adventures were based on personal experience, but I haven’t ever blown up a building with a supernatural orgasm. At least, not yet. I’m still living, so there’s still time.
What's the story behind your latest book?
In my Demons After Dark series, I've taken 12 demons who worked the night shift in Hell's SuperMax prison and exiled them in the human plane. Thrown into human bodies, they struggle to survive with no powers and limited memories. In book three, Former Hell’s Fury champion, Koivu, is desperate to return to Hell to reclaim his title and stolen life. As an extreme athlete, he had fame, glory, and more pleasure than he probably deserved. He was a freakin’ rock star! Being exiled in a broken human body is his worst nightmare. Stripped of his powers and unable to fight, he’s consumed by frustration, counting the seconds until he can go home. His future looks bleak until he meets a sexy, soft-hearted physical therapist with a three-legged Dalmatian who heal much more than his shoulder.

Physical therapist Micki Glass knows something about damaged people. She’s been struggling to get over her ex for three long years when this crazy man crashes into her life. He’s crude and intense but irresistibly charming. With his feral eyes and sexy smile, Koivu takes her on a sensual joyride that makes her feel like a woman again. As their affair heats up, she craves him like oxygen until she discovers what he really is. With more than her heart on the line, can she accept his past and love him for who he is now?

The day of reckoning is looming closer and the sacrifices have begun. Can Koivu stop the murders, find the rest of the Trinity, and convince the woman he loves to give him another chance?
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
I love creating the world and building characters. I totally lose myself in their adventures and find that the characters write their own scenes. That’s the coolest part of writing: sitting back to read a scene and not knowing how the characters ended up where they did!
What do you read for pleasure?
I've got pretty eclectic tastes. I love to dive into one of Janet Evonavich's Stephanie Plum novels because they're really funny. I also like learning so I read books on viruses, gardening, and economics. When I'm looking for something sexy, I usually turn to Elaine Barris' Flames of Vampire Passion books or J.R. Ward's BDB. I'm soooo behind in my pleasure reading though. I have way too many unread books.
What’s your vision for the future of publishing?
Regardless of what the techies say, there will always be some readers who prefer to go to a brick and mortar store for their books. I’m one of these people. The big, beautiful bookstore is a treat on a Saturday afternoon. On the other hand, the internet provides instant gratification, cheap (often FREE) books, and a million new authors and sub-genres to pick from. Indie authors would gladly display their works in a traditional bookstore, but the traditional publishing houses have the corner on that market. I think readers would love to see more variety in the stores too. I know I would, but there’s only so much space and only the most popular books/genres get to hang out there. The number of indie authors will continue to swell and the internet will happily expand to accommodate them over the next few decades. Readers who are hungry for new and exciting books will shop there. I believe the bookstores will continue to support the big publishing houses, but sales will dwindle as the newer generations embrace more and more ebooks.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
Two things really influenced me to self-publish. First, I’m impatient. The process of traditional publishing takes forever to go from manuscript to the final version sitting in Barnes and Noble. The process of finding an agent alone could take years! I wanted to launch my writing career so indie publishing worked for me. The second factor is related to the first. Writing a good story is only part of producing a book. I was, and still am, pretty unfamiliar with the business of books. I found it much easier to write the book than to write the pitch and query letters needed to snag an agent. My books combine several genres and don’t quite fit the niche that traditional publishers seem to want. I sent out a handful of query letters before I decided I didn’t want to spend hours working on that. I wanted to spend my time writing my next book. Again, that impatience! Indie publishing allows me to control every aspect of my career and allows me to focus my energies on writing the next book.
Who’s your book boyfriend or secret book crush?
I absolutely adore Sean from my Primani Series. He’s an amazing soldier with a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. He’s one of the toughest fighters I’ve created, yet he is profoundly gentle with his young son. I’ve thrown so much at him, but he always manages to come out stronger.
Published 2018-11-18.
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