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Basic Civil Engineering Questions and Answers – Doors and Windows ?.
This set of Basic Civil Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Doors and Windows”.

1. The most common type of door is:
a) Double leaf door
b) Louvred door
c) Single leaf door
d) Battened door
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2. The representative figure below shows the mechanism of a _________ door.
a) Rotating
b) Swing
c) Spinning
d) Sliding
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3. A casement window hung horizontally is called:
a) Hopper
b) Awning
c) Pivot
d) Transom
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4. Light, a term used in windows, is:
a) Area between outer parts of window.
b) Glazed part of window
c) Area between inner parts of window
d) Opening of window allowing light
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5. If a door swings towards the person opening it, it is called:
a) Left handed
b) Reverse
c) Normal
d) Right handed
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6. Which of the below material of window has life span of 50 years?
a) PVC
b) Steel
d) Aluminium
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7. _________ door swings both ways.
a) Mead
b) Dutch
c) Garden
d) French
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8. A bay window is a multi-panel window, which:
a) Is provided at corners
b) Runs parallel to the wall
c) Embeds inside wall
d) Projects outside wall
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9. A roof lantern is also called:
a) Skylight
b) Cupola
c) Celestory
d) Oriel
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10. __________ is a decoration that looks like a door.
a) Pseudo door
b) Flush door
c) False door
d) Composite door
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11. What does 10 WT 13 mean?
a) Size of window opening 10x13cm
b) Size of window opening 100x130mm
c) Size of window opening 10x13mm
d) Size of window opening 1000x1300mm
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12. In a ventilator, top edge of shutter opens,
a) Outside
b) Inside
c) Sideways
d) Does not open
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13. Which of the below doors is generally used in residential and office buildings?
a) Flush door
b) Rotating door
c) Louvered door
d) Hinged door
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14. The middle horizontal member of shutter is called:
a) Median rail
b) Mid rail
c) Sill rail
d) Lock rail
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15. Mullion is _________ member employed to sub divide a window or door opening vertically.
a) Horizontal
b) Inclined (at 45o)
c) Vertical
d) Inclined (at 60o)
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