Interview with E. A. Rappaport

What is special about Legends of the Four Races?
Legends of the Four Races is the first ever Interlocking Matrix of novels. An Interlocking Matrix is a set of nine books that form six separate trilogies. Each book is part of two distinct trilogies. For example, The Legacy of Ogma is both the first book of The Weapons Trilogy and the first book of the Betrayal Trilogy. Depending upon whether the reader wishes to follow the concept of the cursed weapons or the actual characters from the book, he or she can continue with Forging Paradise (the second book in The Weapons Trilogy) or Secrets of the Undercity (the second book in The Betrayal Trilogy).
Do you have to read the books in order?
You do not have to read the books in order. Each book is a complete story and may be read on its own, or you can start with the first book of any of the six trilogies.
What are you working on next?
I am writing the seventh book in Legends of the Four Races, Voices from Below, as well as collaborating with some artists on graphic novels.
Who are your favorite authors?
My writing has been influenced by J. R. R. Tolkien, Michael Moorcock, Frank Herbert, and Ray Bradbury. I have been reading Fantasy and Science Fiction for as long as I can remember.
Published 2014-08-06.
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