Interview with Ipam

What motivated you to become an indie author?
Well....I am a big sci-fi (old spelling) fan of Star Wars and Star Trek. I wrote a small science fiction novelette involving Starra which was about 20 pages and tried to post on a sci-fi blog. It was rejected, sadly. So I did the next thing...published it myself....Yee-haw! I find I enjoy writing and developing new characters and new plots just as much as reading someone else's book.
Current stuff????
I have created a new book of action and adventure with a royal empress.

A big thank you for reading all my e-novels. I really enjoy writing for you and enjoy your day plus night!!!
What's the story behind your latest book?
The present of a mobile telephone is amazing that you touch a button and carry the world around with you. When if you could enter a world and actually touch the hand of your friend or the lips of your boyfriend, this is called the Dark Room.

A physical space that is no bigger than a walk-in closet that sucks in the mind and creates a nifty colorful playground to fly a plane, race a car, and walk the beach with a set of footprints anytime, any day, any where, any who from your home.

Everyone enjoy all my e-novel!
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Yes, to allows me to share my world of vivid imagination with other folks, since I can see that some of my e-novels are read by people from USA, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and other well. All my e-novels are free to anyone that dares to read 'em. Since I have a daytime paying job as a computer programmer...(real sci-fi adventure, there). I put some of my selfie and job into the e-novel.
What do your fans mean to you?
Awesomeness!!! I appreciate and thank you for downloading my e-novels. I write them for you to enjoy, to cuss, to laugh, and to cry. I thrill at the seeing number of downloads sky rocket to the moon, when I publish a new e-novel. I also enjoy reading and always look forward to another author's new book when it is available during it debut, so I get to experience the same type of feeling as Indy writer.

I hope the reader is me for the new or re-read story of my e-novels as I am with writing it, yall!

Enjoy your day! It ends at midnight!
What is your writing process?
I start writing with a blue ink pen in a right hand while scribbling on a notepad of real paper, cuddled up with legs folded on the sofa with a cold 'coke' on my left and a bag of potato chips on my right. I believe my imagination works best with food between my toothies, chewing out my characters' adventures. I always start out with my e-novel's physical description of bodies and first names of my major and minor characters, so my vivid mind can walk and talk with them. I am absolutootly paranoid about giving my characters names and the place that they will live, work, and play. Since I live in the great State of Alabama with mountains and beaches and the space shuttle and cotton crops. I find determining the name of the e-novel the most naming your kitten or puppy or baby, since it will last foreverly. When I write a book I always come up with the ending, first. I don't know why. I just do. Then, I start with the beginning of the e-novel, jump around with the characters doing different stuff until I find a flow. That's why I write in blue ink on paper. I possess hundreds of sheets with drawings, ideas, and plots so I can visual the story.
Published 2018-08-08.
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