Interview with Karine Green

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes, it was a time travel story about a 'lost girl' who ranaway.
Can you introduce us to the four dragons in The Great Losing?
Makani, or Mack as his friends call him. He is an Air dragon with dragon’s breath that he use to cause up to a category five hurricane force winds. Air dragons are also the fastest of the flying dragon, in fact nothing is faster than traveling by Air dragon. He must defeat the evil Mad Dragon King in order to save his new family and take his place as the new Dragon King. But to save his family, he must make a terrible choice in battle if he is to secure their future.

Méi the Fire dragon. She can breathe fire, including causing little Hellish tornadoes of fire. She has a fiery personality to match. She has grown up hiding in the wild. Can she calm down enough to live in the village with her family?

Arlen the Water dragon. He controls the water in all forms, but is most comfortable with it in the form of ice. Water dragons can heal even the most severe of injuries or illnesses. The magic of their dragon’s breath usually comes in the form of ice shards, but can also be used to cause flash flooding. After suffering one tragic loss after another, can Arlen keep himself together long enough to help Mack free the dragon nation of Shestafa from the oppression of the Mad King and his dragon killing army?

Dunia the Earth dragon. She can burrow through the ground like a human would walk down a hallway. She can also heal trees and plants, or move them. Can you imagine how lost one could get in the woods if someone moved the trees? Dunia is a logical extremely well educated dragon who doesn’t shy away from lead the charge into battle if she needs to.
Published 2015-05-29.
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