Interview with Robert Livenmore

When did you first start writing?
I must have been about 12 years old when I first started writing. However, I was too shy to show my stories to anyone, and I especially didn't want my parents to see them, as they would undoubtedly criticize my efforts. So anything I wrote got instantly destroyed. My then favorite destroyed story involved hunting. I was stalking bears, but one snuck up on me from behind. I turned at the last possible moment and fired. It was a perfect shot and the bear collapsed right next to me. Not surprisingly, I have decided not to develop this story for publication.
Later, I figured I could write fiction, but I couldn't see myself packing up numerous boxes of manuscripts and sending them off to publishers who would ignore me. Of course, this has all changed with the advent of the ebook.
What's the story behind your book?
This is my first book, and the title is "The Spanking Follies." It's fifteen short stories, all with a romantic spanking theme. I used to say 'erotic,' but too many equate 'erotic' with pornography. Although there are some direct sexual references in the stories, they are very limited and not explicit descriptions of sex. So 'romantic' is a much more appropriate term. The stories have plots, surprises, character development, and literary merit, as there has been careful editing and keen attention to style.
What inspired you to write "The Spanking Follies?"
There were numerous inspirations for "the Spanking Follies,' but one of the most influential was Cervantes' "Don Quixote." In this novel, the main character goes through many different humorous episodes, satirizing the theme of chivalry. A similar novel could be done with a single main character devoted to the BDSM subset of erotic spanking, but I chose to have separate stories with diverse characters and settings to show how spanking can go 'mainstream.' And, I have not omitted humor and satire.
One more inspiration was my own highly memorable experience with scholastic corporal punishment. Consequently, one of the stories is entitled, 'A Disciplinary Episode at Milborne High.'
There's a lot of erotic novels available with various kinky sexual content. What makes "The Spanking Follies" different?
Much of the content of these books is based on the abusive theme of a dominant male and a submissive female. I've gone beyond this overdone genre and created equally strong characters of both genders. In addition, the settings and characters are enormously diverse: an opportunistic Hollywood talent agent, a wealthy middle-aged playboy who introduces a spanking bench at a birthday party, a brash sex-toy store clerk, a leggy runway model, and much more.
Many erotic novels emphasize the sexual with little regard for character or plot development, and have an abundance of foul language. I've taken a very different approach.
What is the most challenging aspect about writing content that is about consensual adult spanking?
The most challenging aspect about writing about consensual adult erotic spanking is making the characters like everyday people. To achieve this, I've given them backgrounds, personalities, plans, foibles, and a special twist to their romantic desires.
Who is your favorite character?
Oh, my! There are so many candidates for this. I love them all! Phillip, who's actually quite shy, is tricked into entering a women's gym. He emerges with an entirely new outlook on life. Then there's Jon Brightman, organizer of the new game, "Spanking Truth or Consequences." Very briefly, one must answer quiz questions correctly to avoid the paddle. (This really needs to be a TV show—with various celebrities or politicians participating, don't you think?) Finally, there's Marie, a very proper young English girl who's gotten through World War II 'without a scratch.'
Why do you say your stories 'take spanking from creepiness to wildly diverse, satirical, lavish, and creative romps that are uplifting and sexy but never vulgar or lowbrow'?
Spanking, right along with erotic literature in general, conjures up a sleazy aspect of the underbelly of society. But this has never been my take on the subject, as spanking normally involves a special relationship between spanker and spankee, such as schoolmaster and student. This relationship is positive in that one party (schoolmaster) has the responsibility to ‘improve’ the other party (student). While there are no minor characters in any of the stories, it's incidental that paddling just happens to take place on the buttocks, which is a sensitive, sexy part of the anatomy. I've discarded the sleaze (no vulgar words), and emphasized the positive to make romantic connections more rewarding and interesting. In a romantic relationship, if not carried to extremes, spanking can accelerate arousal and Intensify the intimacy that the couple shares.
In your press release, you 'invite readers to rethink their personal boundaries and level of satisfaction that can be achieved in their romantic situations.' How can you justify such a statement?
We live in a society with an astonishing amount of openness. Only a few decades ago, subjects like homosexuality and erotic literature were shunned like they were the most awful things imaginable. Now, however, coming 'out of the closet,' admitting to affairs, or authoring pornography can lead to celebrity status. 'Rethinking personal boundaries' is very consistent with this new openness. How can a reader not help but imagine what it would be like to be in the same situation that some of the characters find themselves in? For instance, one of the stories is about a spanking party. If a reader has never heard or thought about such a thing, there's a good chance he or she will mark their place in "The Spanking Follies," put the book down on the coffee table, and search the internet for a similar activity, likely to be found not too far from their personal geographic location. And if they're searching and thinking, they are expanding their personal boundaries.
Published 2016-06-04.
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