Interview with M W Taylor

When did you first start writing?
I think like most writers, it was from a very young age. At school I would just launch into a book, no pre planning, just a starting point... and write without structure or worry, the imagination at full flow.

Then over the years life took over and I was too busy to write. Of course, during that period I was observing, learning, evolving, storing all the bits of information I would need to write "Awakening" once it had matured in my mind. Having that first book printed and holding it in my hands was a wonderful feeling. Now is the new adventure of learning about the publishing world. A lot of work, but somehow I feel I owe it to my story.
What's the story behind your latest book?
I started writing it in retaliation to my father's Scientology ideals. To show how the world would be if we really could remember past lives. Then the book became much bigger than that, it started exploring the subject of nature vs nurture, our souls, the universe and the possibility of interdimensional space. All these paths opened up from the simple premise of what could be achieved through the luxury of experience gained through multiple lives and no time limit other than that of regeneration.

This is my first book, and as such, Adam Capello is essentially me, as I see the universe, but enhanced. His eyes are younger, wider and more full of curiosity, as we all are at 13. The story is told through lots of short stories, all bound together by Adam's observations and his visions of skulls that haunt his past life regressions.

His first regression covers the life of a Victorian royal photographer, William Umpleby Kirk, who was actually my great great grandfather, and I am a photographer now. Many other of his regressions deal with real people or real events.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
To explore an idea much further than you would in a conversation or a sleepy sunday morning dream. This book took just under a year to complete the first draft. A whole year to see it transform into something so much bigger than I ever imagined it would be. And then there is the cathartic element. The indulgence of opening up to the world through your words but under the guise of a story, and to intellectualise my conversation through the focused, time enhanced, joy of writing. I sound a lot cleverer when writing than when talking, and people are prepared to read longer and deeper than they are to just listen. Curious, but true.
What are you working on next?
It is very important to get "The Awakening of Adam Capello" into the world, whether that be via ebooks or traditional publishing. The story is deeper and more thought provoking than most, and thus I feel I owe it to the story, and myself to get as many people to read it as possible.

The next book could easily be a continuation of Adam's experiences or a story taken from the universe created in the book. Maybe Jason Ives, the G.I detective could investigate 3 murders over three different time lines, or a new character comes out of the shadows, one who turns everything on its head.
Who are your favorite authors?
George Orwell, especially "Down and Out in Paris and London" and 1984

Terry Pratchett of which I am most fond of his Wizard stories as they relate to science

Dan Brown... okay, a guilty pleasure and he has never surpassed "The Da Vinci Code"

Douglas Adams - Hitchhikers 1-3 mostly

Danny Wallace, Frank Herbert, Isaac Asimov, Ben Elton etc
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Sunlight streaming through the curtains - winter is a long drab period for me. Hopefully one day I can live in two places to escape the harshest months of Englands weather.

Writing gives me a sense of purpose though, it stops me looking out the window and wondering "What if?"
Well, almost.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
With my kids who I am blessed to have in my life. I'm divorced, so I find myself writing on dating sites too, which has strangly improved my writing, as you have to really write to impress on there. I find my humour fine tuned, and my vocab improved. Who knows. I might have to scrub this section soon though, snapped up and instructed to remove the evidence.

I help out on an English language programme in Madrid, Spain for a company called VaughanTown. Giving up my free time to chat to Spanish business people and students in exchange for free board and lodgings at lovely 4 star hotels in the mountains a few hours out of the city. It is another great way to find out more about oneself.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?

I do remember writing a story about a 10p piece at school... Now there's imagination!

I used to write poetry, but never liked reading other people's work, so felt a fraud and gave up

I'm very interested in film and film making, so have written a few short scripts

10 years ago I started writing my first full length book, which was postponed by my divorce and then, whilst it was in hibernation, "Life on Mars" came out and it was too similar to my story, so it is just gathering dust.

Do you remember your greatest story? Hopefully I'll be able to answer that question myself in 20 years time.
How do you approach cover design?
I am a photographer, and have been for over 30 years. As such it is image led, but practical in the idea that there has to be something that relates to the book, but grabs the attention and leaves room for the text to be positioned on the page. With "The Awakening of Adam Capello" I only designed the cover for myself at the time, as told not to bother for conventional publishing. As such I need to change the font on the front cover when I get the time.
Describe your desk
Lap in the garden for my mini laptop, or dining table in my apartment overlooking that same beautiful garden. It would be nice to have a private space though. I went to Luxor in January this year to escape the grim weather but also try it out as a writing holiday. 7 Days for a new writing project and 20,000 written. I could not believe it, but amazing what you can achieve when a lot of the distractions are taken away.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up all over the place - a biog is on my linked website.

My father, who I only lived with for 4 years, is a scientologist. I rebelled against his doctrine at 9 yrs old, already able to see the flaws in their ideology, but some of the ideas were churned around in my child's mind and found their way into my book.

I have travelled a lot all over the world, including 3 months in Honduras when I was 20, on an archaeological expedition. My interest in the Mayan civilisation started there, and my realisation that you can only ever achieve something by starting it in earnest really helped shape my life, and thus my writing.
Published 2013-09-05.
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