Interview with prof wolfgang komischke

i am advertaising master and art director and working for advertaising 44 years, my cover the shadow knights soldjer the contients
Distinguished ladies and gentlemen and colleagues

for 23 years I have worked with general Kozarov. this was by birth a shadow fighter and chairman of many kllöstern in mongolia and china. his father was cross border officer at the Russian. my uncle grew up in the village to where the world famous nikola tesla and his twin brother were great. the genius of our civilization earth. In this village the people 130 to 140 years old and older. they involve other foods and drinking water from their. they are masterful meditation and they are called the flying people. my own Jewish grandmother, princess of salem, city jeru-salem, was with the family of my uncle used general. my grandmother had innate natural talent and could heal people with magnetic fingers and hands and body. she could see in advance the future. groups or people of the contemporary, she could character to recognize and understand the thoughts. this issue and talents I inherited from birth on. for me this is all very normal, because many in my family have these qualities. my daughter is very strong with their hands and energy field.
I myself was 22 years with general as diplomatic investigator for criminal and anti-terror things. have 42,000 thousand pages written books together and I myself have written 6 books there myself. whole life is my writing and thinking. think about it every day 16 hours after over us all, nature, animals and people and understand everything very well and better every day. was many years and lone sniper as protection for important people. am endowed by nature different from normal people, but I also love normal and normal conversations and love kids hearts of all. my books serve the society of the great league and council of the wise and ethruskische brother society and the history of the knights of the melchizedek. I'm a Melchizedek of birth and my grandmother was the princess of salem and my family can be up to many thousands of years ago nativity trace the history. have written script to my books, so that they come as a cinema, movie and tv series on the market.

my top secret encyclopedia book series saves time and for the mankind, animals and nature and our future will be easier and more understandable.

the big league is on our planet for many thousands of years. and our planet, the blue earth, is the planet of the big league. usa and former cccp russia today work very closely together. to 1934 was the big league with the civilization of sextanen years on islands thousands of red in the Chinese sea and had our civilization 500 years in advance technically strong.

during the second world war the sextanen went to the Himalaya mountains in the underground cities. to the other civilizations. Total live on our planet earth, our ancestors in 13 different countries and underground cities and live among us.

they have supported us in the development of all qualities and sciences, without which we could see it.

my uncle was general Kozarov 28 years with these people and has everything understood as anti-terror general and scientist. had studied seven dock gate headlines and three professors qualities achieved. at some point I was also professor many years ago in the island states federation government oceanus, formerly europe islands, then after the second world war in the hands of the usa and united nations today.

as governor I wear the name and title and respect the democracy of the United States and angelsäschischen set.

'm a father of three children and grandfather and werewolf again marry. 'm often in arbien and emirates and see the developments of civilizations in great sorrow.

we have of the sextanen and the big league the entire patent and scientists of the future 500 years in advance and do the steps together in small, energy machinery and medicine to explain the people and build together. the climate, the people killed in the long term and we have become more than seven billion people.

the planet has only seven percent space for all of us, the rest is water, desert, ice, and jungle where we can not live civilized and want.

we have no time to lose.

the knights of the Melchizedek and the shadow warriors of the continents and the geniuses of the world are ready to show and explain everything to by books and movies

prof. wolf is my pseudonym will but also as a prof. Komischke represent me.

'm diplomat and much more.

hermes trismegistus one of our many other colleagues and family also.

am willing to work with you all and also to learn new.


verehrte damen und herren und kollegen

seit 23 jahren habe ich mit general kozarov gearbeitet. dieser war von geburt an ein schattenkämpfer und vorsitzender von vielen kllöstern in der mongolei und china. sein vater war grenz offizier an der russischen grenze. mein onkel wuchs in den dorf auf wo der der weltberühmte nikola tesla und sein zwillingsbruder gross wurden. die genies unserer zivilisation erde. in diesem dorf werden die menschen 130 bis 140 jahre alt u
hermes trismegistus, bibel, archimedes, miguel angelo, leonardo da vinci historys
hermes trismegistus, bibel, archimedes, miguel angelo, leonardo da vinci historys

the power for long generations for the mainkinds
What do you read for pleasure?
at the present time the mental constraints and obligations, it is important to refuel and power in a world of sliding which is better than the real world. Free time is luxury and you should read more and understand, learn old error of the previous lively it.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
held a real book in hand and the baggage is something very valuable for spirit and ideas.

a is never the people so spiritually enriching as a book which you bought with cash or card.

a book you can give away. of such a book gets paid to see the first page and the couver and his eyes light up and he sees the child on his book as a companion of life.

give it time a birthday child a chip where to upload the e-book.

would gefalllen them.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
an electronic book must be thick like a real book. a thin slice of a cheese is not a book.

but they have an e-book as thick as a book where the first couver of the book can be seen, then it is a book for them.

know hundreds of people having a e-book and all live hectic and give their e-book is not respectful. many have given a real book, where this people the text as E.- book had.

they have read the book immediately and read with respect.

they have the e-book is no longer used as a book to read, more than daily newspaper.

this is the realtät of life.

give her little daughter a real story book and the same book content as an e-book.

then they experience the realiltät.

e-book is good for abstracts and newspaper info, but as a book it is not ie brain neurons fill and inspire thought as a publisher the.

e-book makes are for universities and not everyone has student for a hundred books to buy the money. with a royalty as the University can save money and not have to carry luggage with him. I see in the future

they are swimming at the beach and read a book and when they come out of the water, they have the page of the book a List blocked so that they can read.

I love to read books and enjoy reading before in front of many people and am planning a radio show of the books will love the people, where other good tune make a book a thrilling hörpspiel.

the talents of people from birth to have to use the talent.

feel, taste, feel for, hear and see the Kombinantion of all human talents for us to have a real book reached our talents.

they should all think about. our talents need books. I love books and read aloud for people who can not read.
Describe your desk
my workplace is three meters long and is black and has three computer on table and six monitors and laptop have to always travel there. have an e-book for my text and images for lectures. amazed them, yes I have an e-book which can make calls and sms.

write ten finger blind and use a quad pc and the other I use for graphics and design for my designs and pictures and latest news,'m investigators faster for arabia UDN emirates against terror and manipulations and understand much, am chess player and when I meditate I sleep next to my office and often get up at night and keep writing.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in a family where all are intelligent. my grandfather general of the thule society ss, my father was lecturer at a book publisher and lead typesetter and machine translators. I myself am a book printer and Flexograf, art designer and typesetter like my father.

we are a family of book printer and typesetter, as the employee 36zeilige of johann gutenberg bible. of printed and hand the pallid books.

as simple as that
When did you first start writing?
as a little boy, my father books mitgebraucht me from his publishing house, we all got books, we are four brothers and all advertising, professionals and printers and art directors.

this is crazy, but the truth.

since I can remember I've written reports, was school speaker and was always up front in all and knew more than anyone else and more than my teacher trainers us.

that was always the case with me.
What's the story behind your latest book?
write about the realities of the secret services, the secret lied and the groups who had planned the first and second world war and have financed dangerous people who were leaders in Europe. writing about science and researches and secret scientists and professors who are persecuted because they can defeat the cancer, hiv, aids and ebola by simple means and ideas. which are natural from the. energy machine the people will only use in 20 years yet, because we have the patents and ideas for the series and much more. the day would take to write here what I have written 50 years and will continue writing. 'm the only one living on the Board of the wise and their groups can still tell. we have to lose any more time. the earth will rise up to 60 meters by the loss of all ice caps and eispole which are up to 3.5 kilometers thick and thicker. in forty years that is so, the mahtematik the earth knows the people not that nature knows no people. the usa nasa pentagon and special services know this and know that we have the solutions. we are going to work with all the Well of mankind. introduce yourself, there since the second world war, a super rich and powerful group of people who most banks and corporations pay and intelligence. they want to keep that world climate is negative, thus you need not get to many billion people in a war to bring. the war started by the nature and these people need us not. but the people need nature and mother earth.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
with them back in my and mentally by my side, you can not stop my embassies.

in Germany I'm being followed by companies in the energy, of which.

have made ​​13 tv live broadcasts in the Arab billionaires, diplomats and princes and royal families who saw my broadcasts.

Wednesday will again make Germany in two shipments and introduce my book, each 90 minutes long and reports on energy, cancer, currently iraq isist terror and their finanzies,

about aerospace medical technology where a computer, life can get a man fifty years longer and can regulate all diseases.

emire, sultans and princes want to have explained to me

many of my family, I lost my son as dennis on cancer.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
what is success, which shares many money and and win.
success is the Realtität and developments of the companies that want a healthy and free yourself forward.

they have success because the people wanted it.

they are interested in their success, thus the quality of life is more exhilarating and makes joy.

We have children and grandchildren and their ideas and possibilities, these kids future and many get more.

prof wolfgang Komischke
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
'm the only one who can write about these topics and must. all the others were dead and persecuted and abducted.

my joy is the respectful confronting the have passed away and have lived and fought for this book series and I am the last who can write about it and even hard drives of 20 years wrote in my possession and on.

it makes me feel free and spiritually rich and I am filled with god and thank him for my intelligence, courage and endurance to schreben the book. wants to experience the all things are built and by corporations that had haunted me before.

when I write, then I breathe and I live completely.
What do your fans mean to you?
my international partner give me the greatest respect and are professors, diplomats and government people, they love my pages and lectures when I read over all. my tv broadcasts in Islamic world the noble love it.

wanted to achieve with all my books and not a fan for a year.
What are you working on next?
every day i working for advertaising and i have 40tausend pages ready for printing worldwide. ok
Who are your favorite authors?
the books of the genies, the past, nostradamus, he was for many years the council at the point in its libraries.

the white library, marble as big as a city.

hermes trismegistus his books,

karl may, as a child

jul Verne

erich von Däniken
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
my projects need to be done for mankind, my children and grandchildren. my travel to Arabia and emirates where you want to hear me and would like to see.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
great question, of course, make money as an advertising professional and with my son and employee, get orders.

evening I write books and projects for arabia and namibia and have write jedent day of my books more are to come with them
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
have more than 500 search engines world prepared and made tv broadcasts each week worldwide soon.

marketed myself with complete print books

e.books I use as biasing my books, where 40seiten explanations I have prepared.

bring almost 40zig books on the market per thousand pages

one ribbon 500 pages with pictures.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
I have a photographic brain and never forget something and the first story was a love letter from many sides to my girlfriend from school.

What is your writing process?
how they think the write process.

I develop nothing, but have facts and evaluations of my hire for 40 years and write with my innate qualities and am an advertising professional of the writing and art books for 40 years.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
it had no impact on me, there were stories from my Jungend, karl may stories, wonderful stories of life.
How do you approach cover design?
'm instructor for werbetechnik and art director my job.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
eric of Däniken, all his works, because he's right. we are not alone, I know him personally, and other authors.
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they ask me what I should ask her

they make many things for many books, most of which are mensché fill the Freitzeit.

my books save the world and save time and for governments and corporations and the human world.
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Published 2014-10-05.
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