Interview with P. R. Otokletos

Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I was raised in a blue collar section of Philadelphia ... being the third of six children. Despite our modest life style, the experience brings back fond memories. Back then the school/church community was important and served as a central focus in our lives.

Although I drifted away from my religious practices after graduating from college, I never really lost the knowledge of G_D. To this day I remain grateful to my parents for instilling within me the seeds of faith … even though my understanding of G_D today is far different than what my parents would have viewed as appropriate and or orthodox.

Regarding any influence on my approach to writing; it would have to be admitted that the straight forward candor which Philadelphians are known for probably surfaces within my writing style. This candor when combined with a "historical studies background" often times results in a style that may appear aggressive to some readers … but in all reality the approach is designed to simply get to truth and do so through the presentation of supportable materials.

Given the religious nature of the writings I have been led to produce ... it would seem that the style is appropriate for the non-fiction works that have been published over the last decade.
When did you first start writing?
Actually my writing and professional careers have always intersected. From a business perspective my jobs over the years have often times entailed generation of various sorts of collateral … business plans, technical documents, policies & procedures, patent filings, training manuals, etc. As such writing has always been integral to what I do on a regular basis.

As it pertains to my books and religious commentaries however … this began back in 2004 after I was scooped back up off the floor by G_D and given redemption. Praise Messiah!

Responsive to the gifts received and the truths revealed … well there is not much to say other than G_D began doing his thing and quite frankly I've only attempted to stay out of the way and let him work.

Coming to an understanding through introspection and an eye opening awakening that the roots of faith in Jesus Christ (Yeshua Hamashiach in Hebrew) are in fact integrally Hebraic in nature … I've personally been on a journey where the Biblical texts have come to life in a manner that is often times hard to describe. Consequently this Hebraic perspective has yielded an understanding of G_D and the Gospel of Messiah that would have been quite foreign to me years ago. This same understanding has dramatically changed my life and in many respects my writings are a reflection of this awakening.

It would certainly appear that G_D has prodded and enabled me to put this new understanding into written works so that others may also receive what has been given freely.

It should be noted as well that for this reason these non-fiction commentaries/writings are offered free of charge to anyone led to receive them.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
My greatest joy in writing is simply getting out what G_D is showing to not just me but all humanity … if we are to really look. There should be no doubt that the entire Bible is the story of G_D's unyielding love for his creation and consequently the story in all ways revolves around his plan for restoration and harmony. Now if we look closely we will also see then that the story is in fact all about Messiah Yeshua … from Genesis through to The Revelation … it really is "His- Story"!

So essentially my personal joy in writing comes via knowledge of G_D, Messiah and the power of his Holy Spirit … let's face it folks; the Holy Scriptures is truly the gift that just keeps on giving without end and never disappoints at all.

Ultimately the personal joy that comes from writing about G_D is simply the outpouring of thanksgiving that we all should have that G_D actually loves us and will stop at nothing to have us be with him … forever! It just doesn't get any better than this!
What is your writing process?
As my readers can attest to, my writing process is pretty straight forward. For my non-fictional works they all begin with a premise … followed up by careful review of the Biblical texts in a Hebraic context. And where applicable the introduction of easily verified historical records/facts that support a particular discussion.

Now despite this straight forward presentation mode it should be noted that my works, like G_D's own plans, focus on very big picture … grandiose topics and then work their way into the details.

For instance The Seven Churches of Asia, though dealing with only the first three chapters of Revelation, ultimately provides an expose of the Church over the last 1,900 years and because of the nature of these first three chapters of Revelation we are virtually mandated to review the awesome nature of G_D.

In similar fashion the "The Biblical Festivals", although revealing the glory of Messiah's great ascent to glory … also depict G_D's restoration plan for humanity in and through Messiah Yeshua.

Because of the divine nature of the Biblical texts … because of its perfection … there are unlimited opportunities to piece together the core components of the story. These components typically manifest by way of: The commandments; The Temple; The Holy Service; The Sacrificial System; The Festivals; The Everlasting Covenant and Israel. Consequently these integral themes surface within my works on a continual basis.

Ultimately my writing process seeks to expose these great things of G_D in a manner that is consumable by the average person … although I don't believe anyone to be average by any means. Through Messiah we have all been given an invitation to become children of G_D and in the end my writings attempt to make G_D's plan applicable to us people … my writings point to the transformation that G_D can make within us!

As far as the effectiveness of this writing process … well the readers have to determine this for themselves.
Can you explain this Hebraic perspective a little bit more?
The Greek perspective can be summed up like this:

*That man is the measure of all things … and determines his own self-worth | *That the world (cosmos) as a whole needs an explanation | *That there is an ultimate reality that would enable such an explanation | *That reason may be a bit unreliable, let alone sensations/emotions which certainly are unreliable | *That reason is a key to understanding what human beings are and our purpose | *That reason can help determine the good life and good society |*That reason enables understanding which enables knowledge which enables influence which enables control.

Essentially the Greek mindset is all about "me" and naturally our Western culture's societies are a reflection of this mantra. Democracy itself is a Greek "will of the people model" wherein "we" determine what is right and good and tolerable and intolerable. And in the end they will call evil good and good evil!

The Hebraic perspective however does not concern itself with a need to understand the cosmos as a whole. For the Hebrew thinker, G_D has already provided through revelation what we need to understand. G_D has already declared that he is not like us and that we will not be able to understand the vastness of his glory or his works. From a Hebrew perspective G_D has done what he has done … G_D has purposed what he has purposed and no human understanding of the cosmos is going to change this. The bottom line is that the answer to the great questions of the cosmos can be summed up simply … “G_D IS AWESOME!

The Hebraic perspective regarding the ultimate reality is that reality is simply what we encounter every moment of our lives. Ultimate reality from a Hebraic perspective is simply man being in conformance with G_D’s will and purpose for us. There is no ultimate reality … only the coming glory of Olam habah … the world to come!

The Hebraic perspective accepts G_D’s word that man is incapable of rationalizing, on our own, the basic premise of life, its purpose and what is good and evil … what is right and wrong … what is holy and unholy. The Hebrew understands that G_D’s revelation to man is the singular source of wisdom and truth.

The Hebraic perspective understands that obedience to G_D’s ways of living is the determination of what is good for individuals and society. The Hebrew knows that actions driven by obedience equates to wisdom and no amount of mental astuteness or perceived knowledge can bring about good … for an individual or the community.

The Hebraic perspective understands that control is a delusional mechanism promulgated by the adversary to make people rebellious. People are not in control … G_D is in control and man's purpose and destiny is to be echad (united/single) with him … in peaceful and joyous servitude.

As can be seen these cultural perspectives are completely at odds ... like the day and night ... like light and darkness.
So where has this journey taken you over the dacade or so?
Quite honestly I've been taken to a whole new place ... without ever leaving (laughter)!

Coming to an understanding that the Gospel message is just as importantly concerned with transformation responsive to redemption ... I have essentially adopted a Torah submissive lifestyle! In as much that we should realize that conformance to the sacred commandments is not only a reflection of the character and life of Messiah but also integral to our personal relationship with Messiah and the Everlasting Covenant.

The big question ... "Does this mean I am a Jew?"

The answer is no ... but it does mean that I have come out of the nations to become part of Israel and to this extent I've adopted in many respects the culture of the Israeli people ... the Jews ... I've been grafted into Israel through Messiah Yeshua and share a special relationship with the Jewish people.

But more importantly ... my entire paradigm has shifted towards navigating this temporal world while attempting to not be of this temporal world. Essentially I am living for the world to come and the Scriptures clearly point to a Messianic Kingdom where the 'old ways' will be the new ways. A Kingdom where Messiah rules over the Earth and Torah is the rule of the Kingdom. As such I don't look to mold myself into a good constituent but rather let G_D's Spirit do the work.

Despite the difficulty in explaining this phenomenon I might put it this way: "The Biblical culture is just something that becomes longed for in one's heart. Any person I suppose could fashion a particular look ... or a pattern of behavior ... but like the Pharisees in Yeshua's time this really won't cut it! Conversely when the heart yearns with desire ... well it appears that G_D just does his thing and we need to let it happen.

And it must be noted ... at least from a personal perspective ... that this desire emanates from immersion into G_D's Word! It just doesn't happen via osmosis (more laughter). When we get into G_D's Word we see things that draw us near to him and then the yearning takes over. In his awesome commandments ... if we look ... we can see the heart and character of G_D ... and hopefully our Spirit cries out to G_D saying: "I want to be like that because that is good and holy ... I want to be like YOU!"

And before long ... well at least in my case ... the behaviors and practices that were once foreign to me now become my normal course of action. And the criticism and derision that come my way because of this ... bothers me not at all.
How has Smashwords contributed to your success?
Traditionally I've distributed my work via my author's website ( or simply thorough electronic media give a-ways. At the beginning of the year I published my works on another free e-book portal and frankly I was happy that over eight hundred downloads were taken to date. But recently I looked into Smashwords and finally decided to take the plunge and leverage Smashwords' wonderful distribution network in the hopes of reaching a broader audience!

As of today (07-23-15) after only one full day of broadcasting the three books to the Smashwords site there have been roughly eighty downloads ... which I would consider very successful. It is hoped that in a few weeks when these works are published out to the Smashwords retailing partner network that the added exposure will result in many more downloads.

One could suppose that the price is right (LOL) ... and just perhaps I will be blessed with some good reader reviews.

In any event I look forward to working the Smashwords network and hopefully in the near future Smashwords may benefit from my foray into the commercial fiction market!

But seriously ... as an author ... the Smashwords publication system is just a flat out blessing ... regardless of the number of downloads that this author's work may produce.
What are you working on next?
Presently I am finishing up my first fictional work titled "The Alpha Genome" which I plan on releasing soon as a commercial super fast paced Action/Adventure story which readers can be assured will be "provocative", "entertaining" and of course "clean"!

The working synopsis can be found herein below!

On June 5th 2017 (the 50 year anniversary of the 6-Day War) the Angel Gabriel appears and stifles an attack on Israel's Western Wall by jihadists, resulting in the supernatural destruction of the Al Aqsa Mosque and the cleansing of the Temple Mount. The supernatural event launches a regional war ultimately leading to an occupation of some Middle East lands and the event itself significantly changes the lives and faith of the book's main characters.

In May 2019 Outside of Tartus, Syria a find is made by an Israeli peace keeping unit. The discovery brings an Israeli archeology team where 1st century Judeo-Christian artifacts are found. The Israeli team, comprising Yosef and Deni Kresefsky believers in Jesus, reach out to their friend and former Priest and Vatican Director of Holy Land Antiquities Domenic Petra for assistance.

Overcoming numerous threats and obstacles the dig-site ultimately yields only tantalizing tidbits ... but no amazing finds. Under a threat of ramped up jihadist terrorist activities expected for the second year anniversary of the Mosque's destruction, the Israeli team is taken under the wing of a larger US Army group and moved into Tartus Syria.

Because of political skullduggery ... the dig-site is destroyed by those forces wanting to keep the manuscript hidden from the world. But while in Tartus a member of the archeology team is given a vision of events from long ago when the former Templar city was besieged and fell to Islamic warriors. In this vision the sacred Ark Covering is transported before the city’s fall from the Tartus mainland to Arwad Island where it is then taken to a local fisherman and hidden ... for centuries.

Unknown to the archeological team there are other people with other interests that have been watching and waiting for centuries on Arwad Island for their chance to reclaim the sacred Ark Covering.

As the countdown to June 5th gets closer and closer, mysterious events ensue giving Domenic the opportunity to ... well let's not give too much away before the due time! :)
Published 2015-07-24.
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