Interview with Rob Summers

After writing so many books for teens and adults, why is your latest series intended for pre-teens?
The "Jill Titan" science fiction novels came about because I wanted to write something for a grandniece, books that would entertain her, that would be somewhat like the science fiction novels of my boyhood, and would occasionally be just a little spiritual. She was 9 years old when I started the series; she will turn 11 soon, the same age as my character Jill. I expect that kids love it when a girl that age not only pilots a spaceship but steers it into battle with another spaceship, while rattling off orders to her crew.
Why are you writing the Wizards' Inn series?
I wanted to explore a magic world, to present stories in which any sort of wizard or creature might happen along at any time, so I started writing about an Indiana inn specializing in such guests. The innkeepers are two adventure-loving young people named Bob and Julie, who can't wait for the next Mirror Mage or shape changer to show up and ask for bed and breakfast. In the sequels, young wizards travel to other locales, including Merlin's Tower, a moon temple of the goblins, and the palace of the Faerie Queen.
What's the story behind your fantasy adventure 'The Door in Crow Wood'?
I have a backlog of books written before e-publishing became a viable alternative to traditional publishing, and 'The Door in Crow Wood' is one of them.. I was creating the geography, culture,and history of the Fold fantasy world for years before I started writing the novel. In fact the background could itself be a small book. For a plot, I wanted some way to not only introduce a couple of modern American teens, a brother and sister, into the Fold but to make them instantly important there. So I made them, unknown to themselves, the descendants of the highest Fold royalty. I deliberately made Simone, the sister, very much the opposite of me; she is loud, confronting, short tempered--everything that makes for fun scenes when she encounters a talking wolf-creature or dragon.
Who are your favorite authors?
My favorite novelist is Jane Austen, and yet my favorite novel, seriously, is The Wind in the
Willows, a wonderful classic that only an adult can fully appreciate. I also love to read anything by C.S. Lewis.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Nothing does, I hate it. But I do have a day job I have to go to.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
When not writing, I'm probably reading or spending time with my wife (or doing both by reading to her), but I might otherwise be playing speed chess on the internet, washing dishes, or taking a country walk.
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Not the first short story, but my first novel was about sci-fi technology that enabled people to make their daydreams seem real to them. It was an atrocious mess.
What is your writing process?
First, I spend weeks or months on a detailed and complete plot outline. I can't imagine just starting to write and 'seeing how it goes.' Then I find time, mostly on weekends and holidays, to write it all out in rough draft, followed by months of rewriting and editing. Finally, I read it aloud to my wife, who tries to be as kind as possible while pointing out my silly mistakes and plot impossibilities. She once pointed out that I had written that two invisible characters had turned to look at each other.
What do you read for pleasure?
I read 19th century novels by Austen or Trollope, anything by sci-fi and fantasy writer Andre Norton, epic poems such as The Faerie Queene, histories of the American Civil War and of World War II, Christian Classics such as C.S. Lewis' works, and much more.
How do you approach cover design?
As anyone with artistic taste will have noticed, I don't hire a professional designer. Since I'm able to use Photoshop, I have a great time creating the covers myself. To provide backgrounds for the covers of the Wizard's Inn Series, I fetched an old redwood board from my garage and took several pictures of it. The snow crowned statue on the third cover of that series is from a picture I took many years ago in a local cemetery. Anything drawn by hand I did myself--uh, some would say unfortunately.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
Lately it's been a Nook, which I have stocked full of my favorite classics, mostly gleaned from Project Gutenberg.
Describe your desk
What desk? I write on my laptop, with roller-ball mouse, while sitting in a reclining chair, which is what I'm doing now.
What is the Hila Grant series about?
They are non-fantasy, in fact very realistic, telling the story of a young woman, a Midwesterner, who encounters various stresses and difficulties while attending one church after another. Actually, she herself creates some of the stresses and difficulties. Along the way, the reader gets a tour of Bible belt evangelicalism and a feel for what it's like to be a born again Christian in modern times. Anyone familiar with the "Christian novel" will not recognize these books as part of the genre. There is little romance and the heroine is not completely stable.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
It might be when I'm immersed in a story and something is said or done that follows naturally but that I myself had not planned. A character sometimes breaks loose into a separate reality, such as when, in The Door in Crow Wood, Simone suddenly slams a non-threatening dragon in the nose. Didn't see that coming!
You really took the time to write four allegorical novels?
Yes, now and then I continue the City Allegories series. I love to read allegories such as John Bunyan's 'Pilgrim's Progress' and 'The Holy War,' stories that can communicate inner realities with a power beyond any other method. So what if the genre was already cold and dead a century ago? I decided to attempt to revive it by combining modern novel techniques with a group of characters with names such as Humility and Confusion. Today's reader is likely to be puzzled, but you might want to try 'Pride House: The Quest for Vainglory' (which is available on the Smashwords site) to see if you can acquire a taste for this sort of thing.
Published 2019-02-15.
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