Interview with Robert Blair Kaiser

Q- Mr. Ksiser, you've published five books about updating the Catholic Church. Why now "Razzle Dazzle" -- a novel about football?
Because I wanted to have some fun and because I am a football addict who would like to see more fun and less violence in the National Football League.
Q- How will "Razzle Dazzle" bring on more fun and less violence in the NFL?
Jessica Burns, who has inherited the NY Jets, finds a coach with a new kind ol offense that revolutionizes the game. In this first season, the Jets break all scoring records and the players have more fun and far fewer injuries.
Q - Why fewer injuries?
Because so many plays end up with the ball carrier (either an end or a back) crossing the goal line or being run out of bounds. This means they are hardly ever tackled. And the offensive linemen find they need only make the merest of blocks to help the ball carriers race the ball up field.
Q- What is new about this new offense?
It relies on the downfield lateral or a succession of downfield laterals. Almost every play begins with the quaterback tossing a quick four yard pass over the middle to his tight end (or slot receiver) who laterals immediately to a speedster crossing underneath in a reverse action that leaves the defense moving one way and the speedster galloping into the clear the other way.
Why haven't other coaches designed a lateral-based offense before this?
Football coaches in the NFL hate to try anything different especially if the innovation entails new risks. Critics of the Jets' Razzle Dazzle offense say, "A lateral-based offense is a fumble offense."
Do the Jets fumble a lot?
They fumble sometimes. But when they average 50-plus poimts a game, who cares? Fumbles heighten the drama, forcing the team that fumbled to get back in the game and redeem themselves byi getting the ball back and scoring another Razzle Dazzle touchdown. Fumbles and the bounce-back after a fumble remind the fans that their lives are full of failures and fumbles that should not cast them into despair but rather, imitating the Jets, start them on a new course of discovery, full of hope.
How did you get the idea for this Razzle Dazzle offense?
When I was coaching the junior varsity team at St. Ignatius Prep in San Francisco a thousand years ago, i had my kids have some fun in practice with this one play: slant pass over the middle to our right end who laterals to the left end crossing under in a reverse action. We all got a laugh over it and I put the play in our playbook. I was afraid to call it (too dangerous!) but my gutsy quarterback called it in a clutch third-down situation and it went for six. Years later, thinking abour a game plagued with too many concussions, I remembered that play, and made the idea into a Utopian novel.
Q- Where did your heroine Jessica Burns come from?
She's a composite of two women I knew well: Joan Kroc, the late McDonald's heiress who inherited the San Diego Padres, and Georgia Frontiere, who inherited the LA (and then St. Louis) Rams. Both of them were warm-hearted beauties--damn smart, too.
Q- Where did Jessica's imaginative Coach Win Markey come from?
I modeled him on two real life coaches I know: 1) Eddie Doherty, a chess champion who coached at Notre Dame, Arizona State University, Xavier U, the University of Arizona, and the Philadelphia Eagles before he got sick and retired, only to make a coaching comeback at the high school level in Arizona. And 2) Chip Kelly, who dared to employ risky offenses at the University of Oregon and now the Philadelphia Eagles. They both proved the old adage, "Faint heart ne'er won fair lady." Their high risks brought high rewards. They taught themselves to be winners.
Q- But your Coach Markey coached out of a wheel chair?
So did Eddie Doherty at end of his coaching career. It only helped him become more of a coaching legend in Arizona. He was a winner til the end and he never thought of himself as handiicapped. Neither does Coach Win Markey in "Razzle Dazzle."
Q- In the novel, Markey makes some pretty passionate love to Jessica Burns. As a paraplegic, how does he do that?
You will have to read "Razzle Dazzle" to find out. A hint: Markey proves that the primary sex organ is the brain.
Published 2013-09-12.
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