Interview with Jason Lord Case

You've written 5 books for the action adventure series The MacMaster Chronicles. Tell us a bit about the series.
There are a lot of assassin and murderer novels out there in the marketplace, so why did I write this action series? No one else seemed to be writing from the assassins' perspective. Yes a little bit antisocial, I know, but lots of fun to examine a character who essentially does evil things and still retains a moral center. Bad guys as protagonists; but I hope I have created a set of characters that readers can relate to and in fact celebrate.
What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
The characters have a universal appeal, even though they are not your average heroes. They speak to the little guy inside us all that occasionally wants to go out and punish the really evil ones.
According to the biographical information on your books, you mention that you spent formative years in Europe and North Africa and say that this has influenced your writing. Can you expand on that and tell us what the influences were and how you
Having a knowledge of disparate cultures and learning how to accommodate yourself to often unfriendly surroundings has given me a unique perspective on the value of life in unfamiliar lands.
When did you write your first book and how old were you?
My life has always been about the story. I have lived a thousand lives through the works of others and I am privileged to be able to return the favor. I wrote some novels that have never been and will never be published when I was younger but they were more like dry runs for the better stuff.
Do you have any advice for aspiring authors?
Never let anyone tell you that you do not have the story inside you or the ability to get it written and published. I listened to nay-sayers when I was young and regretted it. I will never allow talent to be discouraged within my hearing.
Published 2014-02-28.
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Book 5: MacMaster and his team, wanted for invading Petroleo to get the cure for the Persian Plague, are in the wind. They've left behind the truck driver they had kidnapped then released, and a killing field where men hunting them for the bounty have slaughtered each other. The FBI wants the fugitives and there is no place in the world they can hide. Can they elude the hunters to finish the job?
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Book 4 of The MacMaster Chronicles is an fast-paced action novel of greed and betrayal. Gordon MacMaster thought himself retired with his love Anastasia Viuda, but the British Secret Service has other plans for him; deliver a ransom and bring a kidnapped British diplomat home from the Middle East. Conspiracy and betrayal mark MacMaster's journey.
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Fallen Star, Book 3 of The MacMaster Chronicles, follows a powerful politician and an action movie star who both have dark secrets. The attempts to eliminate their blackmail problems lead to more trouble than they could have imagined. Blood and money flow on the Los Angeles pavement as the men in power need an outside contractor to take care of business and MacMaster is offered the job.
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Killer To Die For, Book 2 of The MacMaster Chronicles, tells of assassination, kidnapping and romance of the most dangerous kind. MacMaster takes on a job to bring in an Argentine assassin for the reward. When Gordon disappears, Terry Kingston is called upon to investigate. Terry has done a couple of jobs in the U.S. but has he escaped unnoticed? A tale of misconceptions, betrayals and murder.
Honorable Assassin
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Book One of The MacMaster Chronicles; a story of murder, coming of age and retribution. A young Terry Kingston witnesses the separate murders of his parents. As he grows to manhood, he resolves to find out why they were murdered and to take revenge on those responsible. Nearing his ultimate target, he meets Gordon MacMaster, a professional assassin who can more than beat him at his own game.