Interview with Rene Qian

What are you working on next?
I am working on a new modality Reiki manuscript, to help stress reduction, relaxation to promote healing on specific areas in the body. Reiki is a Japanese healing technique administered by "laying on hands" from a sender to a recipient and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive.
Who are your favorite authors?
Diane Stein, Carlos Catañeda, Barbara Ann Brennan, Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming, Candice B. Pert, Paulo Coelho, Gerard J. Tortora, Kahlil Gibran, Plato, Kant, Laozi.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
To meet new people, discover new things in life, and to spent time with my family.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I like to listen to music, go shopping, watch a movie or work on my garden.
How do you discover the ebooks you read?
I visit booksellers on the websites or go to the Smashwords library
Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
When I was 21-years old, I wrote a twenty-two-page one-act play in four hours. It has an IBN number and is called "Three Names." I directed it and was performed just once in Guadalajara, Mexico at the ITESO University.
What is your writing process?
I write the ideas that flow through my mind, then I think about those concepts and add new elements. While creating the plot, I do research from books enriching its contents; I let the ideas sprout and add more elements to enrich the story. I practice Chi Kung, so my perception may work as a vessel, by creating an empty space in my mind allowing ideas to freely flow then, I perceive these and capture them as words.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by Richar Bach and The Little Prince a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
How do you approach cover design?
I come up with an idea and work on it over and over again. I test the message with my family and listen to their suggestions.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
1.- Reiki Essential by Diane Stein. It teaches you how to learn about Reiki, in a very simple way.
2.- Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by Tortora and Derrickson. Shows in depth how the human body works.
3.- The Fifth Discipline by Peter M. Senge. Senge shows the importance on how to see the environment in chunks not as separate units.
4.- A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking.- Hawking gets serious about wormholes and time travel, topics considered science fiction decades ago.
5.- The Dynamics of Human Communication by Gaile Myers and Michele Tolela Meyers. It's an interesting laboratory approach about interpersonal communications.
What do you read for pleasure?
Anything at reach.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
My PC, my tablet, and my Android phone.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I group up in Central Mexico and I got influenced by my cousins, they loved to read to get smart and talk about their readings amongst them. I enjoyed listening to them and wanted to follow their example and passion.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
Social Media, book fairs, post videos on Youtube, live presentations.
Describe your desk
Some days it's clean and organized, but other days there are notes and books all over it.
Published 2017-10-14.
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Hands-On Brain.- Rewiring the Brain Connections with the Laying-On Hands on the Head Technique
Price: $8.88 USD. Words: 10. Language: Commonwealth English. Published: October 15, 2017. Categories: Nonfiction » Health, wellbeing, & medicine » Holism, Essay » Literature
Hands-On Brain is a twelve hand-position on the head taking the practitioner on a wellness journey, by enhancing the vital energy. Colorful and simple drawings will take the reader to learn more about how the brain works and its functionality on interpersonal communication. Simple exercises will teach every reader how to develop vital energy which is the main component of all living creatures