Interview with Richard M Knittle Jr.

When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I write constantly in my head ... lol


I was sitting alone in the park one day at lunch and I sat on the same bench where Ryder and I used to play we would sing our song and laugh and play while letting the world go by, those were bright and sunny days of just him and I. Then as I looked up it hit me I was staring right at the tree where I carved out our initials for everyone to see, so I got up and I looked but with all the tears that were now falling it was hard to see then I found it I love Ryder and Ryder loves me. All of sudden a terrible pain began in my chest and I fell hard to the ground it hit me so hard that it knocked me to my knees. I looked around and saw that everyone was watching so I threw my fist up into the air and I lifted my head up to God and I screamed as loud as I could why me? Why would you bring him into my life knowing how much I would care? I gave that little boy everything I had left to give in my heart, in my soul, all my strength that had left don’t you understand he was my reason I am still here my will to live.. I hate you God that wasn't fair at all and now I live with all of these memories that play over and over they are stuck in my head and not like I am in a dream, but now my life is nothing but a living nightmare. I look around with nothing but a blank stare I hear his little voice and I call out to nothing there. Then in a whisper I am sorry God I didn't mean what I said I am finished here I just wish you would take me now because I would rather be dead. I hurt so bad every single day from a heart that's broken and it will never heal and a soul that is dying and can no longer feel.. He is my son no matter what they do he is my little man my little bundle of joy and I miss him so very bad. I am tired of hurting from all this sorrow and regret and feeling so damn lonely and sad and I looked down and I cried. Then I remembered that he once had a son, I felt a hand as he placed it on my head then I felt him as my heart filled with so much love he wanted me to know he was listening from his home high above. He lost his one and only son to pay for all our sins. I smiled and I opened up my heart and I let him back in. I still hurt and I still cry for my son everyday but now I know our lord that is in heaven above is watching and he will let me see Ryder one day because it is fate either here on earth or high above at heaven’s gate and that is what I now Pray every night before I go to sleep... in his name Amen!

- Richard M Knittle Jr.
What is 2015 going to be like?
2015 is going to be EPIC for me.. I am so excited with how it is looking... Take a look!

I am Richard M Knittle Jr. the Author of the Battle Lost Series, #PAS or Parent Alienation Syndrome is child Abuse to the extreme and will effect both child and parent for a long time. Please don’t punish the child because of hate or spite. Every single child has the absolute right to both parents. I know because it is/has been happening to my son Ryder and I, It has almost destroyed me from the mental effects of losing a child. So I ask you the parents to please play nice the children are watching and they are our Future and it is up to us to set an example!

He is coming let evil know that they are finished with no place to go…..

I will not fail or give up and I will see my son, I will not Fall or lose my Faith again for I now lead Gods troops into battle for him. I have now awaken, he cries out for me, it is my son Ryder and he needs me. He who conquers all evil, He is the father, the solider, and he is friend to all nothing will stop him this time not blood nor distance or even the Mother of Thrall, he has been through the depths hell and beyond and death is now afraid of him and ask to bygone, The Dark Evil Family should know by now even death he is not done. That they will never break the love and bond of this Father and his Son…

From The Battle Lost Special PAS edition!

I used to be happy once with Ryder but now I'm as sad as I can be
I led my troops through battle and conquered evil as for as you can see
the darkness and demons that once roamed this land and over hill and dale
it tried to destroy me and tear us apart and ended all to an epic fail
my lord and father who art into heaven and hallow be thy name
I know this world that was born unto me is dying and going insane
destroying people by millions addiction now rules all throughout this land
with the Evil Dark Family in Emory as it waits to battle Ryder and The Man
Ryder has grown fast while away from The Man he is sad and feels empty inside
he feels like something is missing from him and the evil family has something to hide…..
night time he dreams about this man he is a solider searching for him all over the land
he is angry and mad destroying the demons with just his bare hands
this man is myth just a made up tale his mother says it is dream he never existed
Ryder knows that she is a lie every word that she says evil took her soul and twisted
she was always with many never time for him as she traded everyone for poppy seeds to lay with her
who is this man that he feels for every time he closed his eyes a vision would start .....
he would feel each and every emotion from this man in soul and in his heart
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans are the greatest in the world and I really mean that. They are from all over the world I love to meet and to talk with all of them I will make sure to listen to everyone's story in fact after a book signing one evening I stayed until 2 am, They tell me their stories about how they beat addiction or how they fought for their children I am a huge supporter Parents Rights and 50/50 parenting in general I do believe that PAS or parental alienation syndrome is severe mental child abuse. I have fans that come up to me and tell me their stories of sobriety and fight for their children and I listen to everyone no matter where I am at or what I am doing. I have even heard from another fan that said she had given up all hope and saw my tribute to Robin Williams and the many that suffer from depression and said I saved her life by giving her hope, that validated everything I have do to this date for me. Some of my fans are even selling bracelets for a big home coming party we are planning once I am Adjudicated as Ryder's Father and Ryder comes home. I am very blessed and honored to have some great fans!

Writers can engage your Mind with your eyes Poets engage your Soul with your heart!
- Richard M Knittle Jr.
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
My writing is healing for me, fans tell me when they read my writings that they feel what i feel from sadness and loneliness to joy, My writing is very much me that is no doubt, everything that is written comes straight my my heart and my soul, I don't hold back. I hear people when they read it how it brought tears to their eye's, well most of the time I am writing the tears are streaming down my face, I am exhausted an emotional wreck when I am done. I write Poetry in all forms and it is all based on my life and my values. The Battle Lost Series is actually a journal into my fight against the evils of addiction and my epic battle to be with my 4th son Ryder whom I raised most of his life on my own while Ryder's mother was living on the street she is a addict of epic proportion and turned away from Ryder the day we took him home so I was extremely bonded to him , After 8 months of her living on the streets or in jail, I let her back into my home so she could get to know him and she took him and bought her way back to her family who had threw them both away like trash over a year ago they would have never let her back to the family without him. I am still in a fight for him in Parker County, Texas in Weatherford.

A writer can take you on a journey with your mind, But a Poet can take you places with your heart that only your soul can find!
- Richard M Knittle Jr.
Support 50/50 parenting
PAS or Parent Alienation Syndrome is Mental Child Abuse at the highest level and the courts and CPS need reconginized that.. Parents that commit PAS should be Jailed and there rights diminished. Every single child has the absoulte right to all parents.. DNA does not matter when you love your children care for your children raise your children.. I myself am a victim of PAS.. I fight still today for my son Ryder and I will countinue my fight no matter the cost… please support 50/50 parenting and vote out Judges who don't agree.. This is destroying our families… Thank you for your support…
- Richard M Knittle Jr.

Please Support By Sharing this post with everyone you know! The only way to beat this is by knowledge!
What are you working on next?
Right now I am working on several projects. One being book two of The Battle Lost Series called Friendships Lost which continues The Man's and Ryder's adventures I am writing a new one called Addiction: The evil of darkness unknown which is going to shock a lot of people when it comes out.. Another is called Letters to Ryder which is an Autobiography about the battles Ryder and I have had to be together. It will also include the letters and poetry that I have written for my son, as well as some stories from fans that have gone through similar battles to be with their children. If any fans are reading this and would like to tell their story or have any letters for Ryder I would love to include them in the next book so contact me at! The Battle Lost is also being turned into a animated comic novel which I am very excited about also a couple of the verses are being looked at by some major rock bands I am interested to see where it goes.

Your beauty is without contest as you are an angel without wings
your smile lights my way in the dark and kiss makes my heart sing
- Richard M Knittle Jr.
Who are your favorite authors?
I have several Stephen King, I am a huge fan and would love to meet him sometime, J. R. R. Tolkien is huge on my list and I think you see that in my writing of Epic Poetry. Homer who of course is the king of Epic Poetry with The Odyssey and The Iliad. Mack Maloney is also in my top list of fellow Authors I would love to meet some time.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Life does and the fact that I can help so many people with my writing through my own pain. I look forward everyday to trying to save the world one person at a time, I enjoy putting a smile on peoples faces I want to be remembered as someone who made a difference in peoples lives no matter how small it was.

Your Heart, Your Mind, Your Creator! Your Soul Will Follow. - Richard M Knittle Jr.
What is your writing process?
I really don't have one. I will go for weeks with nothing, although the stories are always in my head. Then I will sit down and for weeks and write. Epic Poetry does take time and I am a perfectionist when I write, I really am my worst critic.
How do you approach cover design?
I do all my own cover's with either Art or Photography that I took. I have been in the IT field for over 30 years and have designed websites for many of those companies, so I do have a good grasp on art.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
The Wingman Series because of the time I was in the military, it was lonely sometimes and it kept me company for many many years, The Hobbit well that goes without saying, The Illiad and The Odyessy because I do love Poetry especially Epic Poetry and of course The Battle Lost series.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
I grew up in Simi Valley, California and I was always the class clown, I was reading at a college level when I was in fourth grade which back then I would read everything I could.. I had a high school English teacher, who's name escapes me, but I became her teachers assistant and learned a lot from her. She would bring me a World Famous Original Tommy's burger every other day for helping out and we would talk about writing and poetry. She was the best.
What's the story behind your latest book?
The Story is based on my fight for my son Ryder, against his mother's family, who I stood up to and they couldn't deal with it. It is also about my battle with his mother's and my own addiction. will always have the latest on the war Ryder and I are waging to be together!

Number one!

Hey Ryder we did it buddy we made it to number one,
one day you will know how hard I fought for you because I love you and you are my baby son
all the haters said no way, no one cares, you will never be on top,
so I worked real hard to prove them wrong and you know I will never stop
I have shown them now that they are wrong that people from all over the world really do care..
So the Harper's of Emory, Texas I do salute you with my middle finger in the air..
What motivated you to become an indie author?
I wanted to get my story out to the masses. Since Epic Poetry is not the norm, I had to self publish. It was a awesome learning experience. Some of the connections I have made, will last a lifetime. My mentor, whom I respect very much, Mr. Michael Guinn, I met while waiting to get up on stage and read my poetry. He has been an inspiration to me in my battle for Ryder and has taught me so much more about other types of poetry and increased my passion for the art.
What is your absoulte latest Poem?

Alone in your darkness with many people around
your demons will find you when you want to be found
it is the comfort they offer while your chaos exist
a persuasive proposal one not so hard to resist
creating a crises of conscience as it fights for your soul
it wreaks havoc in your life while it battles you for control
confusion of your emotions never peace in your head
causing reactions in thoughts that you’re better off dead
the choices you choose are out of desperation and despair
now drowning in guilt you find yourself gasping for air
bringing nothing but destruction with both families and alone
this is mankind’s greatest threat that it has ever known
it spreads like no other through cities and small towns
its name is called addiction and it infects with no cure found
the young and rich old or poor it doesn’t care who opens that door
it only brings sorrow and heartbreak and death evermore!
-Richard M Knittle Jr.


These demons I fight I know are for real from the scars on my heart to the pain that won’t heal
I lay in my bed but at night I am awake for the bad ones have taken my dreams to forsake
my fate has been sealed and with God's help I tried but my world is now over as It fell to their side
I fought with the courage of his only son but at the end of the battle I was still only one
my life has been nothing but one day in hell because it meant nothing to me the faster I fell
I fought back for freedom and for the last of my sons The addiction I beat easy and for Ryder well it’s still on
those friends I have taken with me into heart you have taught me humanity deserves a new start
please don't worry for me for I will never really be gone all the poems that I write for you well they carry on
I hope when you read them and when that tear starts to call It's OK to remember me so please let them all fall
for people like me that are hurting from inside were born into a darkness without the light side
we hide our deep sadness from those that we love and could never be treated by any doctors glove
All the smiles that we share and laughs we hand out that only mask our loneliness as we look for a way out
we still love our left children and blame is theirs not but we tried all the choices and believe me we fought
so if depression never finds please don't be quick to cast out be thankful my friends that it missed and you’re here no doubt
Robin Williams fought demons and had fought a good fight but he lost his long hard struggle to darkness for him there was no light
so I say thank you to Robin for all the great laughs you have been the light in our battle as we walk down the same path
I personally will mourn you as my darkness may win but as the gates of heaven open I will scream nano nano as I walk on in!
So whats next for you and Ryder.
The fight continues she has played games and I have not seen him for almost 9 months, It has been very hard, She has even had DNA test with one of the many guys she was with and he is Ryder's Sperm donor.. No matter what I will always be Ryder's Daddy...
So where can your fans find you?
well I have several outlets Facebook both a personal Page and a Authors Page, Linkedin, Twitter...

Facebook -
Twitter - @TheBattleLost
Linkedin -

PLEASE be sure to download The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth it is book one in the series and it is FREE here at as gift to you my fans! Book two Friendships Lost is due out in just a few months! Thank You for supporting.
New Works
Brittany Blue

Lost in the city of sorrow and pain
she walks among the many searching for blame
her heart has been broken beaten and bruised
as she pushes it in she thinks she has nothing to lose
for just a brief moment she feels no more pain
more like a child playing in a warm summer rain
she looks to escape from a life of regrets
with demons she gambles her life is the bet
like many before her and more to come
addiction has caught her with nowhere to run
a beautiful girl she is still in her teens
a life on the streets were not in her dreams
no money for shelter or even warm clothes
so tired and hungry it’s winter and cold
her body still hers and not up for trade
with money and drugs she may be swayed
this life she has chosen is not one to be had
eyes that once sparkled now distant and sad
this story now common is one that is true
I met her one day and her name is blue.

Ryder Dean Knittle

You were born to me I never asked to have another son
your mother never told me you were not my son love
before your birth while in her womb I know it started when
I talked to you and sang your song I will always remember then
The day you came I know so well you filled my heart with joy
I held you close and kissed your face and whispered you’re my boy
Your mother knew and so did he but neither would ever say
they kept her secret to themselves a plan to use one day
Your mother was in place that she never should have been
while doing everything she could too never let you in
The more we held each other our bond and love would grow
Our hearts could talk to our souls we would only know
Our walks we took just you I we looked for every day
We always knew what we felt we never had to say
You put your hands on my lips you wanted me to sing
And then you laid your head on mine and closer we became
Now I am alone to miss you and only god knows how I feel
Hurting through the sorrow a wound that never heals
I’m sorry son I have not come believe me I have tried
The truth will come and at great cost all because she lied
That secret that she held back then because she never cared
That’s obvious it is plain to see and now she is running scared
when the war is finally over and the last brutal battle Fought
The smoke will clear then fade away a bloody war for not
- Richard M Knittle Jr
Published 2015-01-13.
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The Battle Lost: Ryder's Birth
Price: Free! Words: 4,560. Language: English. Published: August 13, 2014. Categories: Fiction » Poetry » Epic, Nonfiction » Art, Architecture, Photography » Fine art
A true epic poetry adventure that takes you on a journey into one mans epic battle against the evils of addiction and the search and fight for his son Ryder who is not of his blood.