Interview with Roxy Katt

SIMEON: What about your kinks, what are they?
KATT: Unusual embarassment or humiliation (including public humiliation) especially in a comical or cartoonish way, though I do not write about cartoon characters; proud or powerful women or futanari being humbled in odd ways; rubber, suits of armour (mediaeval or sci-fi oriented) leather, tight clothes generally, clothing fastenings (buttons, zippers, hatches) in sensitive areas, corsetry and retro lingerie generally (1950s girdles, etc.); clothing inflation, diving gear, getting stuck. That is, getting stuck headfirst in a vase or a bucket or something, getting stuck in a suit of armour. The idea of having one’s own power turned against one (especially powerful clothing) is very arousing to me. ENF is an element in a lot of this. I also like women taking control of futanari with aggressive blowjobs and making them come all over the place. Cocks, cunts, bottoms. Spanking is good. Men seldom figure in my work except as supporting characters.
SIMEON: So, you’ve published a fair amount, largely under Cleis Press, & Constable & Robinson. Almost entirely lesbian erotica. But in the Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions you wrote as “Clarabelle” & did aTG story. Was this simply an experiment?
KATT: I wouldn’t say I’m very prolific for a porn writer. I aim at quality above quantity. As for experimentation, no. I do hear of erotica writers writing about sexualities that don’t necessarily arouse them, just as an experiment or to stretch their writing capacities, but I don’t write any erotica that doesn’t turn me on. The idea of a proud, independent futa being unexpectedly humiliated by being treated like a cow, in effect (you can guess what that means in this context) in the backroom of a convenience store was simply very hot to me.
SIMEON: Not to put too fine a point on it, but you like cocks?
KATT: Yes.
SIMEON: You’re a lesbian. Why do you like cocks? Are you actually bi?
KATT: No. I’m not bi. I have no interest in men, sexually. But I do like cocks in certain ways. Of course, cunts too. Cunts are my home in that sense. But I’d say, especially in recent years, my interest has expanded to include cocks. Of course, there are the obvious technical possibilities which are why some lesbians use strapons or dildos. But that is not really the heart of my attraction to the living penis. The dildo’s or strapon’s great advantage is that there is no man attached to it, which is great if you don’t fancy men. I guess my real attraction to the cock has to do with a kind of paradoxical vulnerability. In our culture, cunts tend to be coded as vulnerable and cocks as powerful. At or near the heart of all my porn is the idea of the powerful becoming weak, the haughty being humbled, or humiliation: “pride goeth before a fall” as they say somewhere. I can’t remember. Is that in the Bible?
SIMEON: I should look it up.
KATT: Anyway, so one sees the cock as powerful. At its worst, an instrument of rape. But what makes it so powerful is what makes it so weak as well. I mean, just look at it. No offense to you, a man, but the thing sticks out a mile. Even a small penis in a flaccid state sticks out a mile compared to a cunt. I’m sorry. This all makes me giggle.
SIMEON: Don’t worry about it. I’m a trained interviewer.
KATT: Don’t do this at home, kids. So anyway, it’s the classic instance of overreaching. The proud go too far and are humbled. What if you grab someone’s, proud, arrogant cock? What can they do about it? It astonishes me how resolutely our culture insists the blowjob has to be the be all and end all of masculine dominance. Can’t it be the other way? Granted, making a woman blow you is a sign of dominance, an act of dominance, rape, violation. You could say the semiotics of it is that even under the best and most voluntary of circumstances many women find giving blowjobs unspeakably disgusting. Swallowing especially. It all depends one one’s taste. Ooops! I can’t believe I just said that.
SIMEON: That’s okay. I like puns.
KATT: So do I. But you know, if I read another journalist writing about transvestites and punning on the word “drag” I’m going to kill.
SIMEON: [laughs]
KATT: But I like cocks because they are so easily turned against their owners. That’s what my porn is about. A woman or a futa is proud and powerful somehow, and her power is turned against her somehow. This is very sensitive ground, I know, but there it is and that’s how I’m wired sexually and make no apologies for it. Now, I’ve never given a blow job in my life and have no intention of doing so, but my erotic imagination sees the blowjob as something that can be applied aggressively to the one who bears the penis. And of course, she gets hard and comes, humiliated that she cannot stop herself.
Published 2013-11-01.
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