Interview with Joseph Ruchathi

When did you first start writing?
This is my second book. The first Walking under the Grace and Anointing of God is co-authored together with Pastor Lydia Mwaura in the year 2015.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Milka was born in a small village in Kiambu County, Kenya. she was a second daughter in the family and the fourth child in the family of seven children. Her father was a businessman and was considered well - of according to the standards of their community. This girl however did not get to enjoy the benefit of her family's riches because she was taken as bad omen for many shortcomings. She was therefore not very welcome when other members of the family are taken for occasional trips and trade fairs by their dad. This unfortunate childhood made her completely lonely and withdrawn.
This earned her the wrath of other children from the neighborhood, who occasionally way laid her to abuse and beat. Her maternal grand mother's attitude towards her was not any better. She abused her and could tell her to the face that her mother should have given birth to a guard instead of her, which she would have benefited from by fetching water with.
The school was not fun either.
After she completed her primary education she was enrolled into a spinning course. It was here that her passion for God thrived. She became so devoted that at one point her family decided to throw her out.
This became to her an opportunity to seek God even more. It was at that time that I came to know about her from a christian brother who informed me about the struggles that she was going through.
The brother requested me to pray with them for this dear sister. I then purposed in my heart to pray and fast for her. I had prayed for this unknown sister for while when I came to meet her. When I met her, I liked her so much because she displayed unique virtues. We were assisting a brother to organize a wedding and the way she handled her assignment caught my eye.
One night as I prayed and fasted for her I felt that I needed to do more than pray. I knew that I needed her to be my friend; and God permitting, my partner in life. We later on got married in a holy matrimony in our Church.
When she came into my house, it seemed the trouble followed her. At one point, I had started drifting away from her, when a pastor from a different country ministering in our Church called me in the Word of Knowledge. He said that God was angry with me and He is going to destroy the work of my hands because of how I was treating my wife. That very day in the office where I worked was a meeting and one of the resolution they made was to demote me.
After this I realized that God had a purpose for her life. I gave her space to seek God more and more. This developed into an intimate fellowship, through which she was revealed many things among which she has written about in the book called Identifying and Destroying Evil Altars in your Life.
The truth she had been revealed is so great that Today, Milka is one of the smartest persons I know of. One of our senior Pastor recently retorted that Milka posses a sixth sense which makes her very intelligent. She is able to see beyond what ordinary eyes see. Glory to God!. It is from this God given intelligence and wisdom that this book, Identifying and Destroying Evil Altars in your life was authored.
It will be a great read. It is not just a novel, it is a master key that each one of us need to get freedom. Every man need this book. Teach this truth. Share it with friends and neighbors. She would have given this book free, but she has a mission to accomplish. So when you buy her book(s) you are partnering with her in this quest to see humanity enlightened.
You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
Published 2018-01-22.
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