Interview with Ryan Paich

How does your creative process work?
There is always music involved while I write. Also, there is caffeine. My favorite tactic is to create a tastily interesting idea, and then try to express it with as few words as possible.
Who are your roots and influences as a writer?
I adore Rainer Maria Rilke the most of all poets. Many of my writings try to be like his in the sense that they are abstract, yet generic enough to be accessible to readers. As far as music and lyrics go, I draw much inspiration from Andy Herod of The Comas, and also James Mercer of The Shins.
Which of your pieces do you like best?
As far as what is available to readers so far, I like the His / Her / Their Rhythm poems the most. They are some of my first. I also have a part of His Rhythm tattooed on my arm with two large guns!
I notice some odd themes in your poems. What's up with the parenthesis? And "Leavers?"
The parenthesis are usually a clue for the reader to interpret, and sometimes an added spice to consider while reading. Leaver poems are a series of pieces that represent a kind of hidden sequence of events in my life. As I come up with them, you will see them.
Are you a real life crazy person?
Yes, but what kind of poet isn't? I'm a big believer in staying balanced, but not when it comes to creating something epic.
Who is the girl present in many of your writings?
I actually can't answer that. I hope she knows, though! A very great friend of mine and fellow poet once said this about the creative process: It is completely random, and one can only try to, "Court the Muse." Simply put, she is the Muse.
What is your favorite song, as far as poetic quality goes?
That has to be Saint Simon by The Shins. "As I step into the night..."
Favorite poem?
All of the Duino Elegies by Rilke - they count as one piece of pure heaven in my opinion.
Why do you publish your work?
I hope that my writing is interesting and helpful to some amount of people out there.
Published 2016-08-23.
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