Interview with PJ Webb

What inspired you to write your first book?
My first book was born out of a desire not to stay up all night worrying about events that were unfolding in my life that were beyond my control to do anything about. I decided the time could be better spent doing something creative, and so I began to write a story about a character who lost everything and managed to cope with that loss and reinvent himself in the process. You see my husband and I were about to lose everything we owned including our livelihood.
Why did you choose a vampire as your main character?
As I mentioned, I wanted a character that had lost everything and more. Sebastian, lost everything including his mortal life. He was someone I could sympathize with, and as I began to write him into being he began to heal me. He was far stronger than I and that strength of spirit was contagious.
How are you now?
Different. I have an understanding now that nothing ever stays the same. There are just different degrees of change and it's not those changes that define us, but what we do with them that matters.
What is your first book, Part One-Prince of the Blood-transformation, about?
This is a story that spans more than two hundred years. It begins with the life and untimely mortal death of Hollywood’s most beloved screen star, Sebastian Blood, when he is cast from a world of privilege into a dark sub-life where he finds himself transformed into a demon of unspeakable horror, when he becomes a victim of his most ardent admirer.
Unable to tolerate the monster that defines him, he finds a way to control his insatiable lust for blood when he uncovers a remarkable secret that will set him apart from his evil counterparts. He then seeks out and saves others that will band together with him to carry out his promise. It is a mission of great proportion to destroy any vampires who can’t be saved; the ones who have existed too long. As he does this he has no way of knowing that he is being watched and scrutinized for his efforts and that his great undertaking will eventually make him one of the most important and influential beings in the world.
Part One – Transformation is about Sebastian Blood’s mortal life and the eventual loss of everything that he holds dear. He finds himself in a body that is foreign to him and along with it a sudden change of existence that he cannot tolerate. He longs for a way to escape the evil that’s been done to him, and searching deep within the confines of his own self he makes a discovery that will set him apart from all others of his kind. He makes a promise then to seek out and destroy vampires for all eternity, starting with his own maker.
It seems like there is a lot of action going on. Is there any romance?
Yes, there is. Throughout the series a great love story unfolds that will survive for all eternity. That reminds me of a quote from Oscar Wilde, "I love you--Love you as I have never loved any living thing"
Can you give a brief description of Prince of the Blood's main character?
During the writing of Sebastian, he developed a personality and a will entirely of his own. What I mean is that he created his own self into being. I must tell you that the only part that I'm wholly responsible for is his incredible good looks. He is extremely strong- willed, sarcastic at times, and quite self-centered, but I think readers will also find him mesmerizing, beguiling and I hope, unforgettable.
In your profile you state that you have written more books. What are they about and how did you get the ideas for them?
Yes, I have. Prince of the Blood has turned into a series. I see Sebastian as my alter ego and I guess he's been somewhat hard to give up, but as I mentioned nothing ever stays the same, and so my latest book has nothing to do with Prince of the Blood. It's called Lora Lee and is about the mysterious goings-on at an old manor home named Cliff House.
Part One-Prince of the Blood-Transformation is your first book. What is the title of your next book and when can we expect its release?
The second book, Part Two-Prince of the Blood-Evolution, is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of August 2014. This will be followed by the third book in the Prince of the Blood Chronicles, Collette's Diary, which I hope will be released towards the end of November 2014.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Well, it isn't actually an inspiration, it's more like a demand. Our Burmese cat, Cashew, will not let me sleep past the sun shinning through the closed blinds in the bedroom. He's a sun worshiper. From the moment he sees light, those blinds have to be opened.
In closing, is there anything else you woud like to say?
Yes, I would like to thank everyone who has read my interview to get to know me a little.
And, I hope that anyone who reads my book enjoys it and finds that it was time well spent.
If anyone wants to contact me, they can visit me through any of the links at the bottom of my profile page.
Published 2014-06-17.
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