Interview with Gerakbudaya London Ltd

What is the aim of Gerakbudaya Digital?
Gerakbudaya Digital is the ebook publishing arm of the renowned Malaysian independent publisher and distributor Gerakbudaya Enterprise. The new Gerakbudaya Digital is set up to introduce the print group's list of print titles to ebook audiences as well as commission new and original titles for the ebook reader.
Like its parent, the digital arm will focus on publishing independent, thoughtful and fine ebook titles that provide alternative, edgy and thought provoking ideas and stories to the world. As an independent publisher from Southeast Asia, the group focuses on English and Malay language titles with emphases on the Southeast Asian region as well as Asia.
How many ebooks are you publishing this year?
Gerakbudaya Digital will publish firstly from its backlist of more than a hundred original printed titles from the SIRD imprint over the coming months. We also expect to launch our first ebook only thought provoking piece within the next three months. In the meantime, we also welcome new manuscripts and book proposals from authors who desire to publish straight to ebook.
Published 2016-05-11.
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