Interview with Louis Douglas

When did you first start writing?
Many years ago, I lost my fiance' and the love of my life when she passed away from a massive heart attack at the young age of 28. Times were difficult for a while afterwards, affecting any other relationships I was trying to begin. One sweet lady I began to see tried her best to help me through the difficulties of losing someone special, and suggested I begin to write about my fiance'. Within a couple of years, I had finished writing my very first novel. Being a very quiet and secluded person, I put the novel away for many years, without doing anything with it. But, the writing bug had bit, and I was hooked.

One day I came across the yellowed papers and re-read the words I had put down. Knowing the old story was out of date, I began to write a new book. It was supposed to be a love story, but expanded into a 5-book series. A friend of mine told me that his wife was an avid reader, and she would like to read the first book. Hesitantly, I let her. A few weeks later, they told me that if I didn't publish the books, that they would. I decided what the heck, and began the journey of my new series, "Speak 2 Spirits".
What's the story behind your latest book?
Originally, I had planned on writing a book aimed for the younger generations for their enjoyment. I mixed Christianity with witches, dragons and fairies, hoping to grab their attention. It has worked with the younger people, but also the older generations are enjoying the books, and waiting patiently for the next ones to come out. I was told the best way for children to eat their vegetables at dinner, was to hide them under the mashed potatoes. So, I hid the Christianity under the fantasy of witches and faries, hoping something would stir within their brains, letting the thoughts of religion begin to surface.

I have always had a fascination with time travel, so I thought what would it be like to be able to travel through time as a witch? Then the idea came to me to write about two men not really looking for love, but finding two ladies that would become a part of their lives. One lives fifty years in the future, and the other, a few hundred years in the past. Hmm, I thought. Not too bad. So the first book is a story about finding love through time using a smart alec time machine. That led to the second book about growing their family a bit. So, that is when I decided to enlarge this little group of witches by adding .... whoops, almost let the cat out of the bag there. Maybe you will just have to get the books to find out what happens next.
What are you working on next?
Even though the third book of the 'Speak 2 Spirits' series has just come out, I have had many of my loyal readers already asking me if there was going to be a follow-up series. I have been thinking about different ideas to use as the story line, but I have not come up with anything specific yet. For the time being, I will just continue to jot down notes and ideas, and if the time comes for another series to follow this one, I will have a good start on it.
How do you approach cover design?
Knowing that I was finally going to have the courage to hit the 'enter' button to let the world read my books, I decided to go all out and ask a friend of mine to design and paint a cover for the series. As you can see from the cover of the first book, Dragon Tree, he is a very talented man. I then decided to use the same picture for each of the five books, changing the color tones to match the storylines. The original painting is now hanging in my living room as a reminder of the day I finally hit the 'enter' button to send the manuscript and begin this journey.
What is your writing process?
My writing process is very simple. I begin with an idea and write a paragraph or two. After a couple of days, I will re-read the two paragraphs and probably change them completely. When I am satisified, I will do two more and do the same thing. Somehow, they all seem to work out, until I re-read them all together on the paper. Then I go back and make more changes.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Living in the Ozark mountain region of Northwest Arkansas, I enjoy small trips to the different parks around here and walking the path's of nature. Not only is the scenery breath-taking, but it gives me a chance to clear my head and think about different writing ideas. It is amazing what fresh air and cool mornings can do to a person. There is a small town close to where I live called, Eureka Springs, AR. It is a quaint little town, so there are many times I will walk the streets there and window shop, and watch the locals as they mingle with the tourists that visit. People there are friendly and welcome anyone into their shoppes, treating them like family. It is really quite the place to relax.
Describe your desk
The desk is clean. It is the other bookshelves in the room that are all cluttered. I have stacks of papers and notebooks on many of the shelves, some of them in order, but most of them not. But, somehow, I know exactly where the papers are when I need certain ones. One of my habits I have acquired over the years is writing down important pieces of information I must remember for my writing on the walls of my office. This way, all I have to do is read the writing on the walls to search for my answers. Guess I will have to paint the office if I ever sell the house. Dang, just thought about that!
Who are your favorite authors?
I have a wide variety of interests concerning my reading. I enjoy subjects from fiction, with Jessica Sorenson, to science with Michio Kaku, to the developement of time travel with Dr. Ronald Mallett. When I complete the fourth book of the Speak 2 Spirits series, perhaps I will be able to find some more great authors to look at and read their works. Smashwords has so many great ones to choose from, it may be difficult, but I will enjoy finding them.
What motivated you to become an indie author?
When I turned the big 50 a few years ago, I sat back and took a good look at my life and realized that I was getting old. Time snuck up on me and was starting to pass me by. I began to think of something that I could use as a legacy for my my family and friends to remember me by. Nothing came to mind, until one day when I found my very first novel I wrote many years ago. I sat down with my trusty pen and paper and began to jot down notes to use for a love story novel. Well, one book turned into two, and they finally turned into a 5-part series.

I tried the old-fashioned way to get the first book published by a publishing company, and was turned down (as many of us were) so I tried the 'Indie' way. When I sold my first book, it was then and there that I could call my self an 'author'.
What do your fans mean to you?
My fans are the greatest. Even though the third book of the Speak 2 Spirits series just came out, they are already wanting the next book of the series. Although I am a creature of habit and enjoy my solitude and seclusion, I always enjoy meeting my fans, and new fans, at my booksignings. The fans are the reason I write. Ya can't make your dreams come true without them.
Published 2013-09-08.
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