Interview with Springwood Emedia

How has Smashwords contributed to the success of Springwood Emedia?
Springwood Emedia has benefited tremendously from Smashwords insight into the indie epublishing world. It has enabled a grass roots publishing house to flourish across many genres such as: Scifi - Star Warriors, Crime Fiction - Gangstertopia and International bestselling ecookbooks by authors such as: James Newton, Jay Rai and Rohana Choo.
Our bestselling titles are now available in all leading ebookstores thanks to the Smashwords 'Style Guide' and ever expanding distribution list available to our account.
As a publishing house we are very happy to be associated with Smashwords and value the incredible ongoing work behind the scenes to push indie publishing from strength to strength.
We look forward to expanding our horizons with Smashwords, pursuing the goal of one day having our titles on sale in China.
What is the greatest joy of publishing?
Publishing is a combination of pushing a creative idea, identifying new markets and harnessing creative writing to produce popular titles for a vast array of genres (media hungry markets). Our publishing house gets a lot of satisfaction from helping authors develop material and then market titles with the right exposure to become successful ebooks.
Springwood Emedia loves to be involved in the creation of bestselling eNovels, eCookbooks and Children's Short Story ebooks. Working closely with authors we produce the platform and the artwork needed to promote and market titles through a vast distribution of ebookstores and social media channels. We continue to encourage Authors to embrace Indie publishing and the rewards associated with self publishing their own work.
What do your Authors mean to your Publishing House?
We help authors in many ways from brainstorming, chapter analysis, proof reading, design and marketing. To our small publishing house our authors are what engages us with creative writing and Indie publishing - we are the cogs that help the authors transform their work into a reality. We love the creative process of creating stories, building brands, launching new innovative ideas that are available to a worldwide market. In short Springwood Emedia supports and enables it's authors to achieve the best outcome for their titles. We look forward to providing a nurturing service for up and coming talent to independently write and prosper.
What are you working on next?
We are concentrating on building bridges with business partners in the Far East, particularly China. Our aim is to circulate our titles to all Indie Publishing markets, of which China is the new major player. We hope to talk to China Mobile and (or) duokan in the near future to help our authors get a significant stake of the new ebook market in China.
Who are your favorite authors?
We have worked very closely with James Newton to produce a bestselling series of eCookbooks, which span regional and ethnic cooking categories. James is good to work with and has appreciated the design and marketing advice we can give in promoting his work.
We also enjoy the enovels of Mikey Simpson, such as: (Scifi) Star Warriors, (Crime Fiction) Gangstertopia and (Children's Stories) Dragon Tales. Which have very creative and interesting subject matter in their particular genres.
Other popular authors are Jay Rai, Rohan Choo who bring their flavour of cooking to the indie publishing world :)
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Our Publishing House gets a thrill each day connecting authors, inspire creative writing and helping to create a publishing environment where anything is possible. Our ideas can inspire authors into generating more bestselling titles, however our aim is as ever - to support creative thinkers and enable them to succeed.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
We are a media rich digital publisher who explores all avenues to generate self publicity for authors, so that titles get the exposure they deserve. Springwood Emedia explores and promotes through social media channels and posts updates regularly for new titles, so authors can do what they do best, by enabling them to write.
Published 2014-01-06.
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