Interview with Stacey Chillemi

Hi Stacey! Can you start by telling us a little about yourself?
Hi, My name is Stacey Chillemi and I am the author of the book, The Complete Guide to Natural Healing: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body and Maintaining Optimal Health Using Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Vegetables and Alternative Medicine. My passion is helping others discover the surprising secrets to healing the body and maintaining excellent health for life. I have dedicated my life to the field of health, alternative medicine and herbal medicine. My mission is to educate others and share with them the natural remedies to stay healthy, restore health, and look and feel younger.

I am an advocate for healing the body naturally and maintaining optimal health using herbal supplements, fruits, vegetables and alternative medicine, a way of life that does away with unnecessary medicines and over-the counter drugs that pose a threat to our health in the long-run.

Some of my books in this area include The Complete Herbal Guide, Natural Cures for Common Conditions, The Secret To Happiness & Success: Master The Power Of Positive Thinking, Epilepsy You’re Not Alone, Epilepsy and Pregnancy and Live, Learn and Be Happy with Epilepsy which is about learning about your disorder and how to cope with it.
I am in the process of launching my new book, "Natural Remedies for Common Conditions which is about How to Prevent, Heal and Maintain Optimum Health this book will come out into publication this at the end of this month.
What’s your favorite inspirational quote? Give us an example of how you apply this quote to your everyday life?
"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." - Henry David Thoreau
What is the main focus at this point in your life?
My main focus at this point of my life is to Stay connect with myself. Staying in touch with our spirituality can make us happier and bring peace into our lives. Living happily depends on how we are in our inner lives - our thoughts, emotions, beliefs and desires. Having a strong spiritual connection can bring a sense of inner peace - both peace of mind and peace in the heart. It also means allowing our inner values to guide how we interact with the world around us - our concern for others, our connection with the natural world and our interest in making a positive contribution to society. So I make it a priority to maintain a strong connection with my mind, body and soul and use my happiness, inner peace and knowledge to help others.
What is the significance of Chakras in your practice?
I use the Chakras to keep balanced in my life. I start off with mediation in the morning to clear my thought and dispel any negative energy. When I’m done I feel focused and I feel look toward life in a very positive. Those positive energies I carry rub off to my family, friends and the people around me. Then I do some yoga which makes me fill energetic and fulfilled. Afterwards I feel like I could accomplish anything.

Meditation and Yoga also makes me feel very appreciative toward life and the things I am blessed with in life.
How did you actually get into this practice? What were u doing before you embarked on this journey? Tell us your story behind it.
I developed epilepsy at the age of five. I had struggled with this illness all my life. Many years ago, I began working for an herbalist and I became very interested in herbals.

I began detoxifying my body, I changed my lifestyle (eating, sleeping) I incorporated mediation and yoga into my life; I began cleansing my body from all negative energies. I went from nine seizures a month, down to 6, then 5, then 3 to 1 then to none. I now have been seizure free for over 15 years.

This is what drew my interesting healing the body.
What are certain benefits that a person could obtain in the short term and long term basis?
Improved health and well-being, developing confidence and high self-esteem and looking at life and their surroundings from a whole different perspective. I don’t view like the way I did 20 years ago.
How did you come up with the title,The Complete Herbal Guide Directory: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body and Maintaining Optimal Health Using Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Vegetables and Alternative Medicine?
After years of research I completed my book The Complete Herbal Guide which is 603 pages and consists of natural and herbal remedies for hundreds of conditions. I thought the title pretty much said it all.
What inspired you to write your book, The Complete Herbal Guide Directory: A Natural Approach to Healing the Body and Maintaining Optimal Health Using Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Fruits, Vegetables and Alternative Medicine?
When I was working with herbal therapist I learned a great deal about natural healing. I developed epilepsy at the age of 5 from a virus called encephalitis. My life health wise was literally like a roller coaster. Then I started using herbal supplements along with my medications. My condition began to improve and I can happily say that seizure-free.
What’s can a person do if they have trouble sleeping at night?
Valerian root has a long history of use as a mild sedative. Taken as supplement, valerian reduces the amount of time to slip into deep sleep. Valerian with hops also has some clinically proven results for sleeplessness, according to a 2005 study reported in the journal Sleep.

Several clinical studies suggest that valerian alone is not effective in the long-term for insomnia. I would say that, in general, any difficulty sleeping that lasts over two weeks may require more medical assistance than any herb can provide.

Lemon balm, or Melissa officinalis, has been used as a relaxant since the Middle Ages in European folk medicine. It has a clean, refreshing citrus smell so you can take it in a tea or as a supplement. Add it to your dream pillow, while you’re at it.

The effects of lemon balm are more than wishful thinking/placebo. A 2003 study in the journal Neuropsychopharmolocology found that lemon balm indirectly encourages sleep by improving mood and inducing mental calmness. Lemon balm can be called a nootropic, or a brain-enhancing supplement, as it can improve cognitive performance too.

Passionflower Most European herbal sleep remedies contain passion flower, or Passiflora incarnata, even though the plant comes from the tropical regions of the Americas, where it was widely used by the Aztecs, according to journals from 16th century conquistadors.

The leaves and flowers have a mild flavor, and has a reputation for reducing anxiety and sleeplessness caused by anxiety.

While few peer-reviewed studies have been funded for passion flower, it is actually listed as an herbal tranquilizer in Germany. According to the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, the active ingredients may be harmaline and harmine, so does not use passion flower if you take MAOI antidepressants, as sedative effects may be amplified.

Chamomile may be the most recognized sleep aid, but actually many clinical studies have shown no effects of the herb for those suffering with chronic insomnia. Is chamomile a placebo due to its yummy scent? I don’t think so. Chamomile may indirectly promote sleep by increasing mental calmness.

A recent study by University of Pennsylvania researchers found that chamomile significantly reduces the symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder. This double blind study even pitted the active ingredient against a placebo pill that smelled like chamomile.

Melatonin is a natural hormone made by your body's pineal gland. This is a pea-sized gland located just above the middle of the brain. During the day the pineal is inactive. When the sun goes down and darkness occurs, the pineal is "turned on" by the SCN and begins to actively produce melatonin, which is released into the blood. Usually, this occurs around 9 pm. As a result, melatonin levels in the blood rise sharply and you begin to feel less alert. Sleep becomes more inviting. Melatonin levels in the blood stay elevated for about 12 hours - all through the night - before the light of a new day when they fall back to low daytime levels by about 9 am. Daytime levels of melatonin are barely detectable.

Melatonin is an excellent herbal to use. Our body produces melatonin and this is what helps us to fall asleep at night. However as we age the production of melatonin decreases in our body and this is why many individuals suffer from insomnia. You can buy melatonin in stores.
What is your biggest and most inspiring client or student healing story till date?
I had created a program to help cope with epilepsy. The programed helped others accept themselves, love themselves and I showed them how to draw in the positive energies in life and use them no help yourself and others.

This person told me that they were on the verge of suicide. They wanted to give up on life, but when he followed my regimens his life turned around. He had purpose and a will to live. His whole life turned around.
Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?
I want readers to understand that you do not always have to run to your doctor or grab an over-the-counter drug. There are many other healthier alternatives you can resort to.
Do you have any advice for people suffering from anxiety?
Snap out of it! Using mediation and message therapy is an excellent way to improve anxiety. Avoid trying to avoid worrying about the future. Don’t worry about events that you have not yet encountered. The past is over, focus on the present (take one day at a time) set long term and short term goals but realize that life constantly changes and so will your goals, but giving yourself expectations will help you focus on productive accomplishments that will boost your self-esteem and this mentality will help reduce your anxiety. Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t get anxious if you’re unable to achieve everything you have your heart set on.
What are the benefits of meditation?
Meditation is recognized as providing broad-based benefit for numerous health conditions; from stress and anxiety to depression, addictions, immune system function, blood pressure, hormonal balance - and there’s much more. In the work force, meditation is has been used to help people develop or improve efficiency, intuition, creativity, social skills, plus decreased stress-related conditions. Meditation helps one become deeply in tune with their inner life and spiritual nature. They awaken to the reality of their soul. This helps bring peace, calm, joy, love, wisdom, power into your life.
What is one way you can improve your health naturally?
For optimum health, aim for at least two servings of fruits and three servings of veggies per day. Fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of vitamins and minerals with a low caloric content. They also contain notable amounts of dietary fiber. Fiber prolongs the feeling of fullness after meals and helps you eat less. Men need between 28 and 34 grams of dietary fiber daily and women between 22 and 28 grams. If buying fresh fruits and vegetables is too expensive, opt for frozen varieties. Frozen fruits and vegetables last longer and are typically less expensive.
How important is it to incorporate protein into your diet?
Protein is a crucial part of any healthful diet; it facilitates proper muscle development and growth. Lean protein is low in fats and cholesterol, helping you to stay within your daily limits. Skinless poultry and fish or lean cuts of pork and red meat are ideal. Tenderloin is a tasty, lean cut of pork and top round is a healthful choice for lean red meat. does not recommend exceeding 3-ounce helpings of meat. Dairy products, soy products, legumes, nuts and seeds provide sources of protein if you do not eat meat. Whole grains are another necessary element for improving your health. They are high in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. When eaten regularly, whole grains lower your blood cholesterol levels and might reduce your chance of cardiovascular disease. Brown rice, oatmeal, whole-wheat flour, bulgur and whole cornmeal are examples of whole grains to add to your healthful diet.
What are your current projects?
I am in the process of launching my new book, "Natural Remedies For Common Conditions: How to Prevent, Heal and Maintain Optimum Health Using Alternative Medicine, Herbals, Vitamins and Food and the book will come out into publication this December in 2015. My initiatives for 2015 include coaching, weekly videos teaching others how to heal their mind and body naturally and lessons on how to cope with illness.
Do you have a website people can visit?
(My Website) The Complete Herbal Guide –

(My Authors Website) Stacey Chillemi –

(My Blog) The Complete Herbal Guide Blog –
Published 2017-05-09.
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