Interview with Stephan Michael Loy

Published 2023-08-30.
Where did you grow up, and how did this influence your writing?
Indianapolis plays an important role in much of my writing. It is the primary setting of Last Days and Times and is actually an important "character" in Conqueror's Realm and my latest, Voice of the City. I've spent much of my life in this mid-sized city, and I prefer to write about places I've actually been rather than places I looked up on Google Earth. Not that I haven't traveled. Washington, DC, Chicago, London and the genteel, rolling environs of central Germany also feature heavily in my work.
Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
The first complete story I ever read was Space Cat, by Ruthven Todd. My mom took me to the public library to get my first card, and that was the story they let me check out, provisionally until my card came in the mail. I was five years old. This book, a bit above my reading level, was to me a magnum opus of literature. I have read that book at least four times, even as an adult reading it to my young boys. The only book I've read more would be Anna Karenina. Space Cat demonstrated to me the heights the imagination could reach. I wouldn't be surprised if elements of Space Cat could be found deep in the DNA of my space fantasy Shining Star, certainly in Galactic Geographic.
Describe your desk.
My God, my desk. It's a disaster area of epic proportions, to make fair and accurate use of the cliche. It's an inexpensive particle board-covered work table supporting my Mac Studio, my printer, oftentimes my Surface Pro, and piles of books, clipboards, and hand-written notes on whichever projects hold my attention at the moment. And yet, I know where everything is, sorta. At least, I know if it's on my desk. Most specially, I have three talismans somewhere amid the wires, cups of pencils, and scribbled notes and drawings. I've a pencil in a vial, a message printed on the glass that says, "In case of computer failure, break glass." I have a little paper origami tank, as in a tank whose progenitor would shoot big bullets at people. My oldest son made it for me. And I have a lensatic compass from my Army days. It shows me the way, so to speak. These things irrationally focus my attention on writing. After reading my books, you might feel that explains a lot.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
I used to read on an Apple iPad, but I've since gone on to a Microsoft Surface Pro. The iPad is great, but the Surface doubles as my primary writing tool. It runs Microsoft Word, something an iPad can't do just now. I also own a Kindle, but it has been relegated to a kitchen recipe holder. The Kindle's screen gives me headaches as there is not enough contrast between the text and the background. The 1980s Soviet-era control interface is also a minus.
What inspires you to get out of bed each day?
Inspiration is highly overrated. The productive artist gets out of bed with the rising sun, if not before, because he has work to do, not because he feels inspired. When inspiration strikes, that's a wonderful thing, but if you wait for it, you get nothing done. So, I get out of bed at 5AM because that's when I can grab a few hours of uninterrupted work, three hours on each day of the weekend. Inspiration usually chums up to me while I'm mowing the lawn.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
I'm married, I have two houses to take care of, one of which is the home of my thirty-something autistic son. I hike in the state parks, take an occasional trip to the national parks, and take care of my two cats, Buffy and Oz. That pretty much fills my hours unless I'm watching DVD re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (hence the cat's name) or The Walking Dead.
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book, published just yesterday, is Voice of the City. It's a superhero-urban fantasy mash-up starring Sally Reiser, the protagonist of previous books Last Days and Times and Redemption Song, and supporting character in Uncivil Service. Through the lens of a decidedly gritty superhero treatment, Voice of the City tackles important and touchy social issues like racism, gang culture, gun violence, and communal fear. It's part of my vaguely overarching Nightwatch series, in which the fears and nightmares of mankind, manifested in an alternate universe, come back to plague us all. Confronted with our fears, our prejudices, our isolated perspectives, hoping for something, anything better, we have one avenue to escape the grind of unending conflict. We must widen our communities, embrace those different from us, and see and accept (though not necessarily agree with) the ways in which they perceive the world.
Of the books you have right now on Smashwords, which one would you recommend to readers most?
That's like asking a parent which child is their favorite. There is no fair answer. But, to answer rather than evade the question, I would point to Isis Wept. Isis Wept is a standalone story. Unlike many of the others, it does not enter into the storyline of my Nightwatch series. It's also a different sort of high fantasy. There's a strong thematic element, a specific and colorful literary voice, lots of action and suspense, and it's ancient Egypt, with gods and everything. What else could anyone want? Of course, I could make just as strong an argument for Shining Star, but the question demands just one highlight. Really, though, if you like action, suspense, and amazing stuff going on, any of my books would constitute an excellent read. If you want your reading to be intelligent, introspective, and philosophical, then that's an extra treat my work provides. No cotton candy cardboard stories here. Not allowed.
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