Interview with Steve Shenk

You say "every thought creates"? Does this mean that when I am stressed, or worried, or afraid, or singing my usual “somebody done me wrong” song, I'm creating the junk I don't want in my life?
Absolutely! (I think the light just came on in the attic.)

Every thought creates. What we think about most is what we become and bring into our life. That should really burn your chitlins when you think of the percentage of your life you spend whining, worrying, fearing, and asking, "how how how?"

Job, in the Old Testament, when set upon by all of his misfortunes, made the statement: "The things that I have feared have come upon me." Both Emerson and Plato gave a different perspective. They said: “That for which you are grateful cannot be denied.”
Isn't it a little naïve to think that I can sit around with my finger in my ear, daydreaming, and voilà all of a sudden my life is perfect?
You're right. First take your finger out of your ear so you can hear what I'm saying. (It's a good thing your finger isn't in your nose or we would be at a complete stalemate.) Your daydreams don't do the work (your decision and daydream has already accomplished the creation); they just make you a magnet for all of the teachers to appear and the circumstances to come about for the accomplishment of your objective.
Come on, really, is the word “HOW” that dangerous?
If you are daydreaming your goal as though it has already been achieved and expressing gratitude for its accomplishment, then you turn around and ask “HOW,” it expresses denial—that you don't really have it and the Universe resounds with a question: "Have you just said that you don't really have it?" ("Hold everything we just got the uncreate order!”)
It seems perfectly natural to ask “HOW” If you don't know what to do. Why is the word “HOW” so offensive to you?
That question is the direct opposite of a belief. It's better to leave your "daydream" alone than to undo it with the question “HOW.”
If you're so perfect, didn't you ever have a problem you were worried about or something you wanted to achieve and run around asking everywhere you could “HOW” to do it?
ABSOLUTELY! That's "how" I learned that the word “HOW” is so destructive. You can waste a lot of time asking, reading, thinking, and praying about “HOW” to reach your goal. I'm telling you, as your Guide, to make your decision and start your daydreams. Then you will draw (attract or magnetize) to you the right people to ask, the right things to read, the inspired thoughts, and the correct words to pray.
What stops most people from grabbing a hold of what you call these “simple” principles and running with them to absolute success?
It's too easy for most people. It's hard for them to believe that by doing something that they practice every single day, daydreaming, that they can actually be free of worry, fear, stress and the helplessness of not knowing what to do about the stuff in their lives that they don't want.
Why do you think it's so hard for them to believe that it's easy to have a good life?
"IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT" they have been taught all of their lives slogans like "no pain, no gain" and "You have to work hard to get the good life." In justice they believe that "the punishment must match the crime." They can't even accept the wonderful belief of their religion that they are easily "forgivable" buy a loving God, but continue to beat themselves up with misery and guilt until they are satisfied that they have been adequately self afflicted to deserve to forgive themselves and get on with their lives.
So who does become successful?
Up until now, the two groups who have succeeded have been, first: those who have a burning passion to achieve their goals, and second: those who are in so much trouble that they have no one left to ask, no more books to read, and no more prayers to pray, having become willing students ready for their teacher (the Guide) to appear.
So where does the "It's Not Your Fault” program fit in to the future of all of us?
It gives all of the rest of us, who fall somewhere between the ingeniously passionate and the miserable recipients of the "refiners fire", an understanding of why things work and a clear path to follow applying the principles that every successful person in the history of mankind has either intentionally or inadvertently applied to reap the joy peace and prosperity of a magnificently abundant universe.
You say that when I apply the “It’s Not Your Fault” program I'm only doing what I do everyday a lot of the time: daydreaming. Is that really a good thing? I've always had the impression that someone who was a "daydreamer" was kind of a loser.
You tell me whether it's a good thing. When someone tells you a story, when you go to a movie, when you watch a ball game, when you read a book, plus dozens of other circumstances and experiences every single day, you fall into a state of almost semi hypnosis in a daydream, you use your magnificent creative imagination to put yourself into a situation that really, you're not a part of. Simply, let's turn that fun exciting creative capability into the magnificent tool that it's intended to be by daydreaming yourself into the possession and accomplishment that will make your life wonderful allowing the limitless abundant universe to obey the commandments of your creation.
Published 2013-11-06.
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