Interview with Robert Grant Wealleans

You waited a while to begin a writing career. Tell us why.
I was attempting to write as far back as high school. Life and family came first. Then, the children were grown and I'd retired from my career as an Immigration Attorney. I've written nine books varying from 110,000 words to 180,000 words in eighteen months. The tenth book is in progress (July, 2017). I enjoy writing very much and my characters are well-received by readers. Eight standalone books comprise the Gillian Douglas series and I have written one science fiction work, For The Good of The One. Gillian Douglas has been studied and groomed as an operative since she was eleven years of age. n eight works I take her from adolescence to old age while entertaining you with her adventures and clandestine, covert operations. The next series of standalone adventures will be the "Galactic Marshals" series wherein Gillian Douglas and Lorraine King et al., are recruited by the Hadoonhtami race to "clean up" the neighborhoods or galaxies that surround their home world. Seems these other races now approach having the technology to mosey into the peaceful Hadoo neighborhoods and cause trouble. It is a lot of fun to write this new series and to tickle the reader with the added dimensions of time, time travel, and some "old school" veterans of stealth and guile who adapt superior Hadoo technology to accomplish their goals as Galactic Marshals.
Will you keep writing?
I've discovered within me a large, waiting reserve of stories bursting to be placed on the written page. I'll write until that deep reservoir is empty! But, don't hold your breath.
The Gillian Douglas series features a relationship between Jill and three other women and a married couple. Do such families exist?
They do. They exist outside of what most think of as religious and cult families. These polyamorous relationships exist in surprisingly large numbers throughout the United States. Some are men with one woman or the opposite of Douglas's happy family of five women and one man. Polyamorism, or living together in love, is becoming more and more popular. In 2015, in Massachusetts, with a lawyer written contract, three lesbian women joined together as life partners and did it openly. Many live together to afford a nice home and lifestyle as well as for love, affection, and children. You might say that the state controlled divorce proceedings and the complexities involved, including tax penalties when married, are the driving force. Laws need to catch up with this phenomenon. If only to protect children of such relationships. In a male-centrist society controlled by religious or religious-morals or influence, males are reluctant to address this cultural change. Women too, especially women clerks refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. When the state took over control over marriage, the church had to be left behind. he consequence, from a legal standpoint, is that absent a familial taboo, marriage should be open to everyone.
Gillian Douglas is eidetic or remembers everything. Is this you in disguise?
Somewhat. I'm a fountain of information both useful and not. But that depends. Sometimes the useless becomes useful. I rarely need to research things of a historical or scientific nature. Sometimes, I research the barrel length of a weapon or its range according to ammunition or my need for one of Gillian's missions. I remember a lot. I used to win the old Trivial Pursuit game in one turn because I'd keep answering correctly. My opponents always conspired to ask me literary questions in the hope of thwarting me as I went for the final question and the win. I'm very good at all games of strategy. Even when I was in high school, my classmates conspired to cheat whenever we played Stratego and they would "code" the position of my Flag to my opponent. As one classmate said to me at a reunion, "It was the only way we could beat you."
Are you a free-spirit?
I'm a free-thinker. A lot of conventional stuff is good and a lot of that is also bad in my view. We hear of business railing against regulation but as a society in the USA, we the people are overly-regulated with more criminal penalty laws than anywhere else on Earth not to mention the largest prison population on Earth now controlled by private companies who use this prison or slave labor to profit from manufacture of goods. I don't think these private companies have rehabilitation of their slaves in mind. Sound familiar? Take a look at the USA up to 1865 and the end of the Civil War. We've got corporate masters and prisoner-slaves. Criminal penalties are supposed to deter and not to swell the prisons like the USA has. It must change. Fines are better for most white-collar crime.
You say that "women are superior beings." Why?
If you don't know why or don't see why, then I suggest you do some research. Women no longer need a man to procreate or to protect hearth and home from rival males. Men are an anachronism. When was the last time women went to war? Some societies had women equal to men such as the Vikings, but the vast majority of societies are male-dominated. You think that what I've said so far is facile thinking? Mothers do not like war. Mothers do not start wars. Mothers will defend, but for the most part that is to defend against a male aggressor who started the war in the first place.We're still under a hundred years since women got the right to vote under the nineteenth amendment.
Is Gillian Douglas the perfect woman?
Gillian is Jill. She adapts her thinking and strategies to all problems and she finds the perfect way to use limited resources to achieve her end game and victory. Would I like to be with her? Since we are supposed to love ourselves and Gillian is a creation of my mind, you have your answer! I hope you enjoy my work and get a kick out of the insatiable and indominatible Gillian Louise Douglas or "Jill."
Published 2017-07-05.
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