Interview with Suvasys Banik

Tell us something about Intangitia. How it happened?
It is the Next Knowledge Wave after Science. It questions whether science is capable in its spirit and methods to give us answers about issues that are still unanswered and unresolved and more importantly even avoided in ways. It demands to have a full understanding of 'origin of origins', birth, death etc. It also suggests a system by which thoughts can me transferred without physical medium, discusses about consciousness and so on. Intangitia is the study of the Intangible aspect of the universe in scientific manner. Intangitia happened as a result of many years of keen study of the eastern philosophies coupled with modern scientific theories like big bang theory, astrophysics, information technology etc. My roots in computer science definitely helped.
What kind of books you generally read?
Mostly Non-Fiction and selected fiction. I love to read books that makes you think, tickle the mind to go inward...
Ideas find you or you find the ideas?
Both. It's a mutual process.
What are you working on next?
Ten books are in the pipeline. I am going steady and doing one after another. It's a mix of non-fiction and fiction.
When you're not writing, how do you spend your time?
Computer - Programming, designing, developing and generating newer ideas as entrepreneurship needs me to do exactly that...
What is your writing process?
Different for different books/topics. Invariably the title appears first, then the chapters are identified, sections are planned and so on. I prefer to write in concise manner and believe readers get bored with over-explanation. After all man is made to think.
Published 2014-01-10.
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