Interview with Trevor Hopeworth

What's your current promo here at Smashwords?
Right now, the customer can get Finding Home Again for free, using the coupon code on the book's page.
We've seen your blurb - seriously, what qualifies you to write?
I read extensively in my youth, and have spent the intervening years living vigorously in various parts of Canada. I didn't know it when I was young, but when I dropped out of university for the second time, it was because there was only one vocation that really captured my heart and turned on my mind: Writing. Anything else would be just a job to me.
What parts of Canada have you lived in?
I did a brief stint in Niagara Falls, where, sadly, I learned about the seedier side of life - some of my clearest and most important memories come from that year by The Falls. The stories I could tell (will tell) about the characters I met there!
I also spent twelve years in Victoria, which, along with the incredible natural beauty, was surprisingly boring, except for the people I befriended there. I would highly recommend people visit Vancouver Island, but don't live there unless you are one with nature in your heart.
Of course, I began in the Westboro neighbourhood of Ottawa, where I cut my teeth on this planet by skipping prodigious amounts of school and drinking alcohol at a tender age. I have returned to Ottawa, completing the circle, and I expect to stay here, unless I get taken by a ken to travel again.
What is your writing process?
I wait until the birds are asleep, warm up the laptop and take out the notebook, make a pot of exceedingly weak coffee which I'll sip till the birds arise again, and I write slowly so as to think about what I'm writing. I'm rational, yet I'm also a bit of a subjectivist, so I find irony very easy, and by the time I'm done and go to bed, my mind is thoroughly twisted. I need breaks of a couple days between night sessions so I can recharge and have at 'er again.
How would you define success for an author, and what are your goals?
One step at a time - I'm not sure yet if I'm serious about being an "author." Literally anybody can publish these days, so that in itself isn't much of an accomplishment. Reviews of your work, if there are enough to constitute a good sample, have some meaning (beware Goodreads - thoughtless reviews and ratings, for the most part in my opinion.) I like to know what fellow writers think of my work, because they can appreciate the merits and flaws of a work better than the average person can.
Success for me is garnering enough decent reviews and ratings to justify throwing myself into writing a novella or a longer and more challenging volume of poetry. The Ebook publishing market is hyper-competitive, so if I can make enough do-re-mi to pay for a new laptop, then I'll be overjoyed. Big-time success in writing these days is a bit like beauty pageants - you have to reflect readers' vanities in order to score with them. I just want an engaged and thoughtful audience, regardless of its size.
Conversely, what would constitute failure for you in Ebook publishing?
Simply not trying hard enough or giving up too early. The biggest regrets I have in life are when I backed off from challenges that were important to me.
Published 2017-06-01.
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