Interview with Tony Thorne MBE

Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?
The War of the Worlds by HG Wells. I was awestricken and became a SciFi fan which I still am today.
When did you first start writing?
When I was a boy I made up fantasy tales for my younger sister and two brothers. Some of them I illustrated crudely in a notebook.
Serious actual writing began, using a very old Underwood typewriter, soon after I left the Army in 1948, aged 22.
When did you make your first sale of a story?
Back in 1952, not long after I left Technical College in London, I wrote my first SciFi Tale, Timely Encounter, and mailed it off to the editor of THE VARGO STATTEN SF MAGAZINE. I was delighted when he accepted it and paid me the sum of ten pounds, which was very good in those days.
What was that story about?
Time Travel, a favourite theme of mine ever since. My anti-hero in the tale was a criminal trying to escape into the future. The time machine worked fine, but when he arrived back, the earth and the sun had moved on in their orbits, but he had not... disaster! I've explored that situation in more recent stories too.
I see, and that time shift problem must work both ways?
Definitely... making time travel in either direction very dangerous... if not impossible. Apart from that effect, the idea of visiting the past leads to all kinds of complications. If you kept repeating it, you could deposit the same banknote into your account as often as you pleased. You might even get on the end of a queue doing it when every person in front of you... was you too.
1952 was quite a while ago. Have you been writing ever since?
On and off yes I have. But my business career soon took over most of my spare time. I joined a small Mechanical Design Company and turned it into a Research and Development operation, specializing in Applied Physics products. We won contracts with the various British Atomic Energy Establishments, leading to the development of a range of marketable products. My writing time became devoted to technical papers, patent applications, and business reports. There was really no time for fiction.
How did you get your MBE?
My team and I developed several ranges of products including vacuum insulated pipelines for liquefied gas transfer systems, temperature measuring instruments, very high temperature furnaces for nuclear graphite processing, pressure suit systems for handling hazardous materials, plus low temperature instruments for use in cryosurgery of the human eye. Their worldwide marketing success resulted in the Queen awarding me an MBE in 1986.
When did you resume writing fiction?
When I retired, around the turn of the century. I began with short stories again and soon discovered that millions of other aspiring writers were doing the same. Finding an agent or waiting for a response from a publisher took forever, so. I decided to look into self-publishing. That's when I bought a Kindle Reader and discovered Amazon and Createspace. My imagination began working overtime and I was soon drafting around 4 or 5 speculative short tales every month. Then I met up with an old acquaintance, the late Harry Harrison, he liked my work, wrote me a very generous introduction to a collection of some of them, Tenerife Tall Tales. However, he then insisted that, if I really wanted to succeed as a writer, I would have to write a novel. So I began writing the first book in my Points of View trilogy. Meanwhile, my SciFi and Fantasy short stories were taking off, featured mostly on magazine websites and included in various anthologies.
Which is your best selling book?
That must be my fiction to fact title, THE SINGULARITY IS COMING. The first paperback printing of its Chinese language version was 4000 copies, with about 75% shipped to bookstores so far, and apparently well received, but I don't have any sales figures yet. The eBook versions have been available over there since May 2016, but I've no news yet about how sales are going.The English language versions sell steadily, mostly in the USA, with occasional peaks when I organize a promotion.
What do you mean by both fiction and fact?
The book is a combination of actual history and speculative fiction, which makes it tricky to categorize conventionally. The first (long) chapter explains what a singularity is, and also covers my factual background in writing fiction about intelligent robots.
Some early prophetic examples, happening now, are included in a later chapter. Then there are chapters reviewing what various international experts believe is going to happen to us, when creations more far intelligent than we are begin to appear... and possibly in less than 10 years time.Finally a recommended (long) list of other titles in the field is included.
Whate are you working on at the moment?
I've been updating my BEST SELLING AUTHOR PLAN title, with an account of how I managed to break into the Chinese market. At the same time I'm also working with my new Canadian editor on novel number 3 in my POINTS OF VIEW trilogy. She works for Caliburn Press, of Madison, Wisconsin, USA. who have now acquired the series for publication, scheduled beginning August 2016.
What is your e-reading device of choice?
My trusty Kindle Paperwhite Reader- It's the third one I've had. The second one accidentally fell into the footbath I was using at the time and it didn't like it at all. I guess it was the warm soapy water that killed it. I can't recall what happened to my first one, probably something similarly foolish.
What advice can you give to aspiring young writers??
It's a tough business nowadays and highly competitive. You must be prepared to keep at it, whatever, and never give up. Mainly, I believe it is vital to get as much exposure as you can, and help that elusive golden chance to find YOU. That's my formula for success and it has worked for me. My Chinese publisher discovered my self-published Singularity book on the internet, and sent me an offer, which I readily accepted.
Published 2016-09-15.
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