Interview with Ukvard Mil

Your readers would probably want to know what it is you are currently working on.
I’m writing a horror story.
Meaning you’ve made a certain change in genre? Your earlier works are mysteries, if I’m not mistaken?
I wouldn’t call it a genre change. If we were to compare the two genres, mystery and horror, we would probably notice that the thin line separating the two barely even exists. Besides, my previous writings aren’t entirely clear of traces of horror.
A friend of mine, a horror enthusiast, is very worried about the further destiny of this genre. He has the feeling that the ideas involving that kind of excitement are mostly worn-out.
Tell your friend that there’s no reason for such concerns. There are still to be carried out thorough investigations in that field.
He will be thrilled to hear that. Tell me, is there a particular environment which is preferable for writing that kind of literature?
You mean some ghostly cabin in the woods or something similar?
Well, let’s assume so.
Maybe to some extent it is preferable, but anyway isn’t really necessary. Compared to the real surroundings, the imaginary one is much more important, the one you create in your inner self.
You simply imagine yourself being in that cabin?
I picture my wife and children as demons. Writing then comes as easy as pie.
How do you see the future of the art of writing?
There is an anecdote from Babylon. Two writers complain to one another of how there isn’t anything to write about since all ideas have long been used up. However, we are witnesses to the fact that even after Babylon there have been some very enjoyable pieces of work. Therefore there is a good chance that the future too will thrill us with some great book.
Published 2014-12-12.
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