Interview with Veronica Dale

What's the idea behind your book Night Cruiser: Short Stories about Creepy, Amusing or Spiritual Encounters with the Shadow?
I became interested in the work of psychologist Carl Jung when I was studying for my master's degree in pastoral ministry. He's the one that introduced the idea of the shadow, that dark side of ourselves that we're not proud of and don't want to look at. But the more we run away from the shadow, the more it pursues us. It shows up in our nightmares, our horror movies, and even in our prejudices against other people or groups. It's funny; the shadow chases after us because it has something to tell us about our true selves. Dealing with that challenge can lead to inner light, which is a beautiful, but sometimes hard-won, thing. All of the characters in Night Cruiser come face to face with the shadow and deal with it in different ways. And some of these ways are better than others!
What is the greatest joy of writing for you?
It's when I can get totally into the scene I'm working on. I can forget about myself and the troubles of the day and feel what my character is feeling, see what he or she sees. That's a freeing experience for me, almost like practicing mindfulness!
What are you working on next?
I've begun the process of getting my next book published. It's called Blood Seed, and is first of my four-book fantasy series, Coin of Rulve. Coin is a project I've been working on for over a decade, and now that Night Cruiser has been launched, it's Coin's turn!
So what is Coin of Rulve about?
The story is about twin brothers, Sheft and Teller, who are born in a land ravaged by the slavery and addiction forced upon it by the Spider-king. The brothers are separated as infants to keep their existence hidden from the despot who wants to kill them. Growing up in the midst of prejudice and cruelty, wounded in body and spirit, they can't believe the Creator Rulve has called them to any kind of extraordinary destiny. There are elements of romance in the series. Sheft is maligned and hunted; but Mariat still loves him. Teller is in danger of losing his own soul; but the slave Liasit believes he is their savior. Another "character" in the series is the Seani, the small walled community that is the only force that stands against the growing power of the Spider-king. But it has lost the only two people who can save what it most values.
Who are your favorite authors?
Like a lot of fantasy writers, I love Tolkien. Lord of the Rings blew me away when I first read it, but it was only years later that I found out why. Tolkien himself told me in his "Tree and Leaf." There he describes what he calls the "eucatastrophe," the catastrophic event that proves to be redemptive, That's a strong theme in LOTR and in the New Testament Passion narratives, one which I've tried to express in my Coin of Rulve series. Many of my favorite authors write "eucatastrophes," in which their protagonist's struggle with the dark side results in great good. These include Lois McMaster Bujold, Connie Willis, and Dorothy Sayers. The funniest book I've ever read is Bill Bryson's I'm a Stranger Here Myself, which literally had at least one LOL on every page. As far as non-fiction goes, Rosemary Haughton's The Passionate God is a beautiful book that's half poetry and half theology. I've read it so many times the pages are falling out, and I still don't think I've gotten to the depths of it. Another one is Elizabeth A. Johnson's Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love. This is an amazing book that gifted me with a whole new perception of evolution and hope, as well as suffering and death. The book's a tough go at times, but worth it!
Published 2015-08-14.
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