Interview with Neon Bullet

What are your five favorite books, and why?
The Vampire Lestat takes the top spot here, because for a lot of years, I looked up to Anne Rice and her writing, wanting to aim for that sort of style within my own work. It never did quite work out for me, writing similiarly to her and though I have my very own style now, I thoroughly enjoy going back to this book for that little boost of inspiration, whenever I am feeling puffed out.

The Green Mile follows that one, as my second favourite book of all time. I dote on Stephen King and all of his wonderful fictional pieces, but this one I feel right to my core whenever I go back to it. I will say that the film of the same name, inspired by the book, plays a part in my love of the story, but it is as a whole that I appreciate it. King has always been someone I look up to, as well.

Before I Go To Sleep is one I never believed I would enjoy, judging by both the title and the blurb on the back of the book, but I swiped this one from my grandparents bungalow some years back, as it had belonged to my grandmother whom passed away around that time, that being the reason I wanted something of hers. I knew that she hadn't finished the book and so, decided I would finish it for her and it instantly became one of my absolute favourites.

Angelfall is another that I really enjoy going back to every now and again when I'm feeling more for writing about the paranormal or other such things. It took me at least two reads of this book to understand that one of the main characters was in fact one of the angels I look toward most in my life and that, along with several other delights within the story, pushed it right up there with all my other favourites.

The Da Vinci Code, last but certainly not least as these are in no particular order, save for the first mention. I really love all Dan Brown novels, but this one especially holds my attention far longer than the others and again, this may be largely due to the film of the same name. I fully appreciate spiritual works of fiction that are similar to this one, too.
What's the story behind your latest book?
It is the story of a young man who wishes to enter into the scary world of fame and fortune by becoming a musician, but does not have the approval of his father, whereas his mother encourages him to shoot for the stars. It is a tale of his journey toward achieving his life goals, whilst it is also a test of how much his relationship with his father holds on, through said journey, and everything inbetween.
What are you working on next?
A toxic love story between mortal and vampire, set in the present day.
Published 2016-07-19.
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