Interview with West Ink Publishing

How do you approach cover design?
When considering various options for the cover design, we like to (first of all) imagine a way to express the plot of the book in detailed pictures. From that task we move forward into determining the best pictures to use to convey the key message that the book is expressing or attempting to express.

From that point we strive to create a surreal display and combination of words, objects, and images in a way that creates emotion, curiosity, and impulse. Lastly we lay these elements out into a book cover that is designed to dazzle the potential reader with an instant pulse of curiosity, interest, and motivation to buy the book that we have so artistically represented on the outside cover.
What are your five favorite books, and why?
Our favorite books (or at least the ones that we like to publish) are how-to and informational books. We enjoy showing our readers that there are a variety of exciting ways to achieve any goal or porcess, regardless of how big or small that goal is. While many how-to books tend to be very difficult to understand and follow, we have found our success in taking the most simplistic approach to teaching.

We understand that regardless of the subject that we are writing about, our readers are more than likely to be novice and may need slightly more instruction than the average reader of a particular topic of instruction. We take our time to insure that every detail of instruction is explained in our how-to books so that our reader can easily grasp and comprehend what they've read.

Ultimately we strive to provide our readers with an enriching experience that they can build on and continue to grow from the ideas, lessons, and reinforcement that they receive from our books.
What book marketing techniques have been most effective for you?
When marketing our books, we have found that the bigger the buzz that you create, the more people that you can expect to know that your book exists. Well - that's only the first part; although it is a difficult task within itself. Establishing a large online presence is highly effective in addition to insuring that there is a strong following on the various social networks.

The business of marketing is by far multifaceted and must be approached with a dynamic mindset while ready to experiment, and stretch the envelope a little when reaching out to editors for book reviews, as well as scheduling book signing sessions. We treat our marketing program as a portfolio of many great and wonderful ideas. Some ideas work sometimes, some work all the time, and some just simply get old over the period of time and become obsolete due to advances in technology.
Describe your desk
My desk has two monitors as well as a graphics tablet, scanner, Nikon digital camera and numerous journals that I have either recorded my ideas in or have actually used to start writing content for a book or media project that was in its early development stages at West Ink Publishing. There are always several pens and pencils as well as thesauruses and dictionaries.
Published 2016-11-26.
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