Interview with S. N. Deinscheiss

Can readers get free copies of your books?
YES! I've hidden a giveaway on my website in a game I call HIDE AND SEEK. An aptly named blog article there gives instructions where you can find clues. There's also an "I Give Up" option where the reader can request a less vague clue about the giveaway hideout. The article with clues can be found at or
Happy Hunting.
What is WUWPOO about?
In the midst of a family crisis, devoted father Pa Morse is drawn into a harrowing world centered on an ancient Indian prophecy that has signaled the end of mankind. Against this backdrop, Pa frantically searches for a missing relic that mysteriously moves from place to place, causing destruction when it does. With the help of Natasha Melaike, Professor of Ancient History, Pa grapples with vague clues that pull him into a landscape of Hopi culture, secret hideouts, and paranormal science.
In your book WUWPOO, just when the reader thinks they know what happens next, you add a significant twist. Why?
Just when you think you have the mystery solved, I inserted a twist so bizarre that it will leave your head spinning. Well, that was the intent anyway. I did this by leading up to the obvious and then present something so extraordinarily different. It actually took me years to find plausible ways to do this. Hopefully you're on the edge of your seat when reading WUWPOO. That's my favorite reading position.
What does WUWPOO mean?
It's not what you think it means. Or maybe it is. :))
What was your reason for delving into mental health issues with some of your characters?
With my background, I'll probably tackle a few other public health issues in future books. In WUWPOO, I wanted to bring to light the issues with PTSD that so many of our soldiers come home with. To let the readers experience what they really go through on a daily basis with this condition. I happen to know someone with PTSD, not acquired in the military coincidentally, and was able to draw on their experience. Mental health is not my area of expertise so I had to conduct a lot of research. While doing so, I was astounded by what I found. There are way too many people struggling daily to cope with one of a myriad of afflictions, and when I say struggle I don't mean that lightly. My heart goes out to all of them and I hope my book puts their issues in perspective, especially the need for compassion by those around them.
Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge?

First and foremost, I dedicate this book to my children who I love very much.

I would like to thank the search engines where I spent ungodly amounts of time researching. Your resources were invaluable. I'm hiring an assistant next time though.

To my dictionary and thesaurus, what can I say. I learned what a pertinacious girlfriend is. I never knew!

To the people who provided helpful advice on discussion boards and blogs, I found your information to be the most valuable. Again I'm hiring a researcher next time.

I am so fashion challenged. To those who looked at photos and explained what I was looking at, I toast you from the bottom of my heart. I can even see the elegance in those scenes. Unfortunately, male pride kept me from asking for help until after I wrote the first draft. But I decided to clean up all but a few. After all, I am the author and that's what we do. So when a character wears mismatched clothes or makeup...yep, that was me.

To my editors, I graciously thank you. I now know “is” and “was” aren't the same thing. It's the periods and commas that got me. Can't see the darn things.
What do you like to do for fun?
I played competitive sports (baseball, softball, football, basketball, tennis) up until a few years ago when my body decided it couldn't take the pounding anymore. I then took up running, even ran a 5K charity race, but injured both knees in the process. So now I hike in the mountains for physical activity and sometimes just for peace of mind. It is so serene in the forest, so beautiful from the top. I get a lot of ideas for my writing while on these hikes.

Other things I like:
Fun in the sun at the beach, campfire stories with friends, cookouts where concoctions (sometimes called experiments) are made from scratch, flavored black coffee, hanging with my children, anything adventurous.
What's on your bucket list?
Hike the Appalachian trail-at least a good part of it.
Visit out of the way places in Greece and Spain-I'm a country boy, not a city slicker.
Attend a Sasquatch expedition-I'm fascinated with the science that suggests big guy might actually exist.
Embark on a treasure hunt-there's one hidden in the Rockies that I'm interested in.
Cruise the Caribbean-Pirates ROCK!!!
What are you working on next?
I'm working on a fictional thriller involving Sasquatch researchers, and how they assemble and unravel the science. Heart pumping and intriguing I promise.
What is your writing process?
With WUWPOO, I drafted an outline that I kept revising as I wrote. I also spent as much time researching as I did writing. With my next book, I've been researching the Sasquatch phenomena for years so I'm fairly certain i can spend most of my time just writing. I have a general outline for my new book but I'm sure I won't stick to it. Ugh. That's just the way it is.
What do you read for pleasure?
I prefer mystery and thriller fiction, but will read all genres. My favorite authors are my tweeps in the twitterverse.
Published 2016-04-03.
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