Interview with CC Wyatt

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on the sequel to Ferret. The title is Perseaus. And I refer to it as the book with all the answers. Answers to all the questions that went unanswered in Ferret. And for that reason, the book is more challenging and exciting, and my proudest accomplishment as a writer to date. Of course, I will love to hear your opinion. Just know that my primary focus is to please and entertain readers. If you love Ferret, then without a shadow of doubt, you will fall in love with Perseaus.

Also, I am working on a picture book, or I should say that I'm done with it. All I need now is an illustrator.
Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?
Interesting enough, it came to me during a brainstorming exercise, mostly with myself, which lasted a few days until the spine of the story was developed in my mind. You see, I had made up my mind to write a young adult novel, but I did not have an idea for a story. Until one day, gazing at the thick-blocked window in the bathroom, an idea came to me. Would it be interesting to see a house made out of that, somewhere on a secluded island? I thought. Of course, the story has nothing to do with a glass house on an island, but it's amazing how Ferret grew from that seed of thought.
How do you get inspired to write?
I think knowing that I have a great story to write and present to readers eager for the next great story gets me geared up. Another reason are my characters. They will always lasso my mind, reminding me of their eagerness to get to the finish line, no matter what distractions I may encounter in life.

In other words, my desire to never give up on work in progress inspires me. Yeah, that's it!
Describe your desk
L-Shape with a desktop computer, phone--and a complete mess.
Published 2016-03-10.
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Perseaus (The Ferret Books 2)
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Pia Wade isn’t out of her mind. That much has been proven. But she is now in a driving-me-crazy kind of limbo not knowing what the last four years of her life was all about. How does she move on? How in the hell does she forget? In the second edition of The Ferret Books, Pia Wade again learns far more than she would ever imagine possible. The big WHY. And, her fate.
Ferret (The Ferret Books, 1)
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