Interview with Yelena Lugin

Any inspiration from authors?
Yes. ALL OF THEM. Whenever I read I am inspired, even if I didn't love the story. Authors always seem to be able to string together words into a sentence or two that are just so powerful that I have to stop and let the words sink in. Usually only for a moment tho because I HAVE to know whats going to happen next!
My most recent inspirational author would have to be Tahereh Mafi. I really loved the way her writing was like poetry. The way she described things was beautiful. After reading the Shatter Me books I found myself thinking a little differently when I wrote. I found myself picking on specific things from my environment and putting them into the book. Things like the simple wind suddenly turned to leaves trembling in a bitter wind, afraid of what was coming. And then I would find that I have a whole mini story about those rustling leaves and that wind, and that moment right before everything went to hell.
Who is your favorite character from your writing?
I have one from each of my two stories!
From Splintered Fate its probably Ardin. He is an Aorra in the form of a wolf, forever bonded to Lana, who is the main character. What the main character is not my fave??? Nope. Ardin is where its at. In the first book Lana has a lot of growing to do... and Ardin is pretty much the word of wisdom. He is funny, smart, fiercely protective, and I wish he were real and my Aorra. ((I love Lana too, dont get me wrong. And Donn, what a funny old guy, he is a fave too. And Kirill, and Zorin, and...))

From In The Crossfire, (book I am currently working on) My fave is the main character, Sky.
She is incredibly powerful, strong, strong willed, and harboring exciting secrets. I think she is great and I think you will too! Plus she is half human and half angel, how cool is that?! Amongst the angels I love Nathanial because he is awesome, strong, good looking, perfect...or is he? and Barakiel, the funny one who takes nothing seriously. LOVE him.

I guess I can't choose a favorite... they all are.
Describe your desk
A mess.
As long as my book or Laptop fits on it, it works.
I did get a pretty awesome old school typewriter as a gift that sits on the desk. The thing is OLD, and still works :) Though its used for just the visual beauty of it.
Whenever I do finally clean off the area, it looks pretty nice.
When did you first start writing?
About 4 years ago... Not long I know.
I used to hate writing. YIKES! I mean a kept a diary but that was in no way writing... I was always a drawer, doodler, artist, photographer, and I loved to day dream. It was not until a friend inspired me to write that I began unleashing my artwork on to blank printer pages. And now I cant seem to stop...
What's the story behind your latest book?
My latest book that I am working in is called In the Crossfire.
Its a fantasy/dystopian first person.
The Main Character is a girl names Sky, I'll let her tell you about her world.
The world as you know it, is gone.

There is a war waging on, greater than any war ever predicted by the human race. They all believed that the end would come by human hands, by bombings, radiation, disease, or through the stripping of all Earth’s natural recourses. But that is not how it happened. It was not by the human hand that the world was destroyed, at least not entirely.
Now humans are hunted. Both demons and seraphs have established their territories where they live here on earth and both have evolved to use humans as their errand dogs. They catch us, trap us, train us, and eventually we die in some horrific way.
This is what is left of us.
As for me, well my father was human and my mother one of them, an Angel. I am what they call a halfling, or Nephilim, and I try to survive in this god forsaken place.
This is my world now, or what’s left of it.
Pretty Crazy right?
What motivated you to become an indie author?
My friends.
Published 2016-05-01.
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The world as you know it, is gone. Humans are being hunted by both demons and seraphs. Sky was not someone who ever thought that she would be captured alive. But she was. Her world was turned completely upside down. She thought she knew who to trust, she thought she knew the truth. She could never have been more wrong. This is Sky’s story.
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