Favorite Authors of Aronbrace

Barbara Moore
Latest book: Nordic Peril.
Published March 28, 2023.
Bruce McLachlan
Latest book: Executive Enslavement.
Published August 5, 2016.
Clare Seven
Latest book: Shadows Of The Past.
Published July 27, 2018.
David Anjou
Latest book: A New Slave for New Year.
Published April 17, 2024.
Declan Brand
Latest book: Slaves of Hollywood Book 9 - The Auction.
Published December 19, 2021.
Don Blane
Latest book: Common Assassins.
Published August 24, 2018.
Jack Norman
Latest book: Sophie's Story.
Published April 19, 2024.
Jay Aress
Latest book: Angel's Mistresses - Angel series Book 5.
Published April 12, 2019.