Favorite Authors of Barbara Armstrong

Eskay Kabba
Latest book: A Familiar Family Connection.
Pre-release—available June 24, 2024.
E.M. Denning
Latest book: Future Gay Boyfriend.
Published January 31, 2024.
Ellie Thomas
Latest book: A Lasting Vow.
Published February 12, 2024.
Ellen Mint
Latest book: Why Cheese?.
Pre-release—available April 16, 2024.
Elle Keaton
Latest book: Full Disclosure.
Published February 29, 2024.
Elle Beauregard
Latest book: The Medium's Possession.
Published December 12, 2022.
Elle Beauregard
Latest book: Sleeping Unruly.
Published October 11, 2023.
Elke Lakey
Latest book: Care Less, Cowgirl.
Published January 14, 2024.