Favorite Authors of Barbara Armstrong

E.F. Mulder
Latest book: Behind the Heart-Shaped Gate Box Set.
Published March 5, 2024.
E.J. Russell
Latest book: The Artist's Touch.
Published March 31, 2024.
E.J. Russell
Latest book: Witch Under Wraps.
Published October 26, 2020. (5.00 from 1 review)
E.M. Denning
Latest book: Future Gay Boyfriend.
Published January 31, 2024.
E.M. Gayle
Latest book: Broken Saint.
Published April 3, 2023.
E.M. Lindsey
Latest book: State Of Mind.
Published March 29, 2024.
Eden Cole
Latest book: Bear Memory.
Published December 16, 2022.
Eden Winters
Latest book: Must Love Dogs.
Published April 12, 2024.