Favorite Authors of Barbara Armstrong

Adrian J. Smith
Latest book: Eira.
Published January 21, 2022.
AE Lister
Latest book: Dark Horse.
Published October 19, 2021.
AE Lister
Latest book: Hot Blood.
Published February 7, 2023.
AG Meiers
Latest book: Outside the Lines.
Published December 5, 2023.
Aidan Wayne
Latest book: Saying The Right Thing.
Published December 29, 2022.
Aimee Easterling
Latest book: Moon Duel.
Published September 20, 2022.
Aisha Urooj
Latest book: The Three Fates.
Published December 1, 2023.
AJ Adaire
Latest book: Match Me.
Published June 30, 2018.