Favorite Authors of Chaosmoon

Rhys Everly
Latest book: Wayward Love.
Published October 1, 2023.
T.A. Creech
Latest book: Legends of Osaire Box Set.
Published June 20, 2023.
Anna Zabo
Latest book: Cinnamon Roll.
Published August 16, 2023.
Angelique Jurd
Latest book: Belkin Lake.
Published June 29, 2023.
Ada Maria Soto
Latest book: Through the Dark Clouds.
Published July 1, 2023.
Allison Temple
Latest book: Destination Bedding.
Published October 14, 2023.
L Eveland
Latest book: Monster Mash.
Published March 27, 2024.
Dani Gray
Latest book: Doc and His Shadow.
Published May 1, 2024.
A. W. Turner
Latest book: Cupids Fountain .
Published July 29, 2023.