Favorite Authors of Chaosmoon

Lynn Kelling
Latest book: Hush.
Published April 17, 2018.
K.C. Wells
Latest book: Sonne und Schatten.
Published January 13, 2024.
Christina Lee
Latest book: Love Me Louder.
Published November 29, 2023.
Nic Starr
Latest book: The Ultimate Sacrifice.
Published September 21, 2023.
TL Travis
Latest book: Resurrection.
Published October 23, 2023.
Jaclyn Osborn
Latest book: Noah's Song.
Published February 27, 2024.
Ann Lister
Latest book: Moved By You.
Published September 22, 2023.
Ashlyn Drewek
Latest book: Mortem Obire.
Published October 27, 2023.
Rebecca Cohen
Latest book: Ministry of Alien Relations.
Published September 5, 2023.