Favorite Authors of Chaosmoon

A. E. Wasp
Latest book: The Complete Veterans Affairs.
Published May 2, 2023.
Grace R. Duncan
Latest book: Beautiful Boy.
Published May 11, 2023.
Alex Beecroft
Latest book: The Wages of Sin.
Published May 12, 2023.
Courtney Maguire
Latest book: Wounded Martyr.
Published October 31, 2023.
Christa Tomlinson
Latest book: In His Corner.
Published April 5, 2024.
Becca Seymour
Latest book: Wobble.
Published June 6, 2023.
Bella Chan
Latest book: Aiden to Haru.
Published June 8, 2023.
Alexia Praks
Latest book: Flame of Desire.
Published May 4, 2024.
Jaxon Knight
Latest book: The Good, the Bad and the Dad.
Published June 14, 2023.