Favorite Authors of Raven Blaq

Karolyn Cairns
Latest book: A Wicked Entrapment Part Two.
Published October 5, 2020.
Gwyn McNamee
Latest book: Billionaire Lumberjack's Bargain.
Pre-release—available January 30, 2025.
Samantha Skye
Latest book: Tanner.
Pre-release—available August 6, 2024.
Mari Carr
Latest book: Secret Scandal.
Published September 4, 2016.
Mina Carter
Latest book: Banic.
Pre-release—available June 28, 2024.
Delilah Devlin
Latest book: Eye of the Storm.
Published June 3, 2024.
Theodora Taylor
Latest book: Alexei.
Published April 27, 2024.