Favorite Authors of Tukkie

Gail Smith
Latest book: The 12 Days of Deathmas.
Published December 3, 2023.
Linda Mooney
Latest book: Valentwines.
Published February 1, 2024.
Sarah Stafford
Latest book: The Angel of Darkness.
Published December 15, 2022.
K. Scott Forman
Latest book: The Hunger: A Collection of Utah Horror.
Published December 19, 2022.
Brad D. Sibbersen
Latest book: Pulp: Monsters.
Published October 11, 2023.
Jeffrey Crosby
Latest book: Stolen Madness.
Published December 28, 2022.
Shantnu Tiwari
Latest book: All Aboard, the Zombie Express.
Published January 20, 2023.