Favorite Authors of kellysimo41

Shayla Black
Latest book: The Broken.
Published June 6, 2023.
Z.L. Arkadie
Latest book: Once Friends.
Published March 16, 2023.
Juliette N Banks
Latest book: Dirty Player.
Pre-release—available February 14, 2025.
Lee Piper
Latest book: Sing to Me.
Published December 21, 2022.
Catherine Tramell
Latest book: Baby Mama Drama.
Published February 23, 2023.
Sophia March
Latest book: Model Billionaire.
Published August 31, 2023.
Ella Miles
Latest book: Tortured Hero.
Published December 8, 2022.
Savannah Rylan
Latest book: Callaghan Mafia Series: Books 1-4.
Published February 13, 2023.
Emmanuelle de Maupassant
Latest book: Highland Wedding.
Published April 9, 2024.