Favorite Authors of Kevin Rhoads

Katie Roman
Latest book: Queen of Crows.
Published November 17, 2021.
Liz Coley
Latest book: The Captain's Kid.
Published December 1, 2017.
E. R. Mason
Latest book: Tirumalai Jain.
Published December 10, 2021. (5.00 from 2 reviews)
Shawn James
Latest book: John Haynes: Illuminati.
Published March 22, 2024.
Douglas A. Taylor
Latest book: Attack Doll 5: The End of Lily Lee.
Published August 4, 2014.
C. T. Phipps
Latest book: Tales of an Eldritch Wasteland.
Pre-release—available July 23, 2024.
J.C. Diem
Latest book: Soul Destroyer.
Pre-release—available August 2, 2024.
Adam-Troy Castro
Latest book: Futures & Fantasies.
Published December 16, 2022.
SM Reine
Latest book: Fated for Firelizards.
Published May 6, 2024.